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Franchise Bug


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I just started a franchise with a new custom roster and I am controlling the Yankees. I made sure Gleyber Torres

and Mike Tauchman are in the lineups. The MLB has a full 25 man roster. I haven't experienced any crashes.


However, whenever I simulate a game, Gleyber Torres is replaced by Magnueris Sierra. Tauchman is replaced by Joe Mauer. When I check Torres and Tauchman's player cards, their game logs are blank, but Torres gets stats. If one game is played, it says he has played two games. At the end of the season, Torres ends up with 200+ games played.


Does anyone know how to fix this? Mauer is a free agent, and he isn't/wasn't ever signed to the Yankees. I tried moving him to the 2k Sports team but he ends up in free agency. Sierra is on a minor league team not affiliated with the Yankees.


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