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My Player name changes when changing last name


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Download the tool that roster editor sends you

  • Place in a folder that is easily accessible , to execute click on it  
  • Click on the Browse tab, automatically find the file that creates the game, in the My Player mode you can see it you identify it with the extension .CMG
  • Select and open it, you will have several tabs available to make the changes you want to your player
  • Unfold the tab located in the upper right, you will have access to all the teams, get yours, then locate your player in that list
  • Click on the player you created, so that the tool gives you access to all the editing options
  • start with what you want, first put the name of your preference, you must untick names locked
  • For the changes to take effect in the game, everything you edit must be saved by clicking on the SAVE tab, don't forget.
    I hope my explanation will help you
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On 6/18/2020 at 4:32 PM, gbp21tx said:

When I change the first name of my My Player it also changes the last name. Also, when i try to edit the face of my My Player the image of my My Player disappears. When pressing A on my controller nothing happens.

IMG_1790.MOV IMG_1788.MOV


Does this happen with the default 2K12 roster? What roster are you using?

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