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Giolito and Castillo pithing problem


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I have a problem with some pitchers on my roster, after a few pitches made, they start to show the pitches, as you know in the game in the selection of pitches, the game shows when we have used a pitch a lot and it is advisable not to use it until it is prudent after several pitches.


In the case of pitchers, Luis Castillo and Giolito de White Sox, as they are starters, this problem becomes very noticeable, since after one or two innings it is practically impossible to pitch without hitting easily.


I have compared the structure of these pitchers with those of others that do not have this type of problem, and I do not find anything that makes a difference or that influences this, always after a few pitches they tire each type of pitch.


If someone can remove this doubt from me, it would be of great help, since these pitchers are very important in the game. If there is a way to solve this much better.

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