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Franchise Forward Simulation


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Hi All,


I've been messing around a bit with rosters and ran into an issue I'm curious about. In order to start with the cleanest roster I can, I have been working to simulate franchise mode forward say... 30 or 40 years. Then I copy that franchise file over onto an actual roster file. The idea being that this way I can totally eliminate the assigned audio for many of the standard players in the game (the commentators will talk about Alex Rodriguez and specific things to his career, for example. And the only way to repurpose that slot without the audio is to have franchise mode overwrite it). When I copy the franchise file onto a new roster I went back and copied the old schedules, rosters, team alignments, and really everything I could onto the new file. In other words 2050 franchise > new roster file, then original pre-simulation roster data > new roster file. I did this so things like All-Stars and AL/NL Greats are back where they should be and the whole roster SHOULD be able to run franchise mode again now without that pesky audio I mentioned above. 


However when I take this new roster - which is identical to the original in every way I can tell - and start a franchise with it, it crashes. It is able to simulate a full 2012 season with no issues whatsoever. When it progresses to the following year it is able to simulate the whole season fine - including through the all star game and Draft (the draft simming through and games working afterwards tells me it is not an issue with the way the game repurposes roster slots). The game runs through the end of the 2013 season easily then crashes in the transition into the playoffs. I have gone in and reset rosters, schedules, and everything else I can think of in the actual franchise file itself to try and isolate what the issue is, but have had no success thus far. 


I guess I am curious if I am doing something wrong, or is it just impossible to simulate franchise mode forward, repurpose that simulated roster, and have it function in franchise mode a second time around. I will keep digging, but I figured I'd ask in case I'm missing anything glaring or obvious. Ideally I'd like to sort these issues out before I waste even more time building a roster that may just not function in franchise mode at all. Thanks! 

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