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No matter what I do draft day is freeze day for me


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The problem is that every time I try to simulate a season, or when I start to play a season, I ALWAYS get frozen on DRAFT DAY.  I set up the franchise with all the draft options OFF, so I would think it would just skip right by the draft and keep on going.  But NO MATTER WHAT I DO DRAFT DAY is FREEZE DAY for me.  I am running MLB2K12 updated to 2021, with a 2021 roster, as well as the default roster loaded into my game.  It is on an HP computer with PLENTY of power, using Windows 10 Home on a  64-bit operating system and an x64-based processor.  Should I be using a 32 bit operating system instead?  Obviously SOMETHING isn't right here somewhere.  A little helpful advice here, if you would, please?

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