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Ayuda! Problemas al instalar roster. Help! Problems when installing roster.


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Me gustaría saber si me podrían ayudar con un problema y es que al instalar el roster del 2k23 al juego mlb 2k12 todo carga bien pero cuando le doy hacía atrás y después a home se frisa completamente el juego.




I would like to know if someone can help me.

when I install the roster 2k23 in the mlb 2k12 everything works well even when I load it but when I go back and press home to be able to play it freezes. What can I do about it? 

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If you have a real copy? Meaning a real disk copy that you bought.

Then you have to run the official 2K patch to get by the freezing issue that game with the game.


Do a search, there are several threads and topics talking about this freeze issue.


If you are using a downloaded pirated copy, can't help you here.


All i can say is to go buy a copy on E-bay




Now that i have watched the video you posted, you wouldn't have gotten that far if it was a pirated version. Sorry!



Looks like something is wrong with that roster you are using, but i am not an expert at 2K12, i know much more about MVP 2005.


From what i have read the game has issues when the roster doesn't match the portraits and faces completely, which is why people usually release these two along with there updated roster.



Did you edit the roster at all? Just a few changes not done the correct way, can mess up the roster as well.


Again do some searching, because i am sure every problem you are having, someone also had in the past 11 years.



Good luck

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I watched the video
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