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Schedule/Playoffs Editor - Wild Card Game(s)


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With the changes to the postseason format, I am wondering if it is at all feasible to edit the schedule in Franchise Mode to add games (probably would have to be added manually before the end of the regular season) so that I can simulate the Wild Card game, or even the Wild Card Round as we have now. I understand there is a Playoff Editor out there, so I'd imagine one could add the extra postseason games manually and then set up the final eight teams to then play the rest of the playoffs as normal in the game.

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3 hours ago, BallFour said:

I'm pretty sure that the length of the playoffs is hardcoded into the .exe.  I think you can modify the length of the playoff series, but I don't think there's a way to add to it without getting all up in the guts of the mvp2005.exe file.

What I meant to say is that you would add regular season games to the end of the season. In real life, they're postseason, but the game would treat them just as a regular season game. That's why you'd still have to use the playoff editor to complete this process. So basically what I'm asking is, if it is possible to add games 163, 164, 165, etc... Or would that cause issues?

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I suppose, but it wouldn't be Game 163 for the two wild card teams unless it was something from back in the day where they'd do a Game 163 to determine a division winner. So I guess it might be possible (never played around with it much) by creating a 163 game schedule, but I can't guarantee that it'd feature the playoff matchup.

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Huh, editing the schedule in Franchise Mode for extra postseason games does sound like a workaround, but I'm a tad skeptical about how smoothly it'd work out. While there might be a Playoff Editor floating around, manually adding games and setting up the final eight teams sounds like a bit of a hassle.
If you're still on the hunt for a solution, here's my take. While I'm all for tinkering with game mechanics, when it comes to downtime, solitaire is my jam. It's a reliable way to unwind, especially since you can play it online whenever boredom strikes. So, while the idea of tweaking postseason schedules is intriguing, don't forget to weigh the effort against the payoff.

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