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High Heat 2001


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This may be a long shot but was just curious if anyone had a roster editor for High Heat 2001. I used to play this game to death back in the day. I had all but given up on being able to even play the game until I discovered 86Box that runs it flawlessly. I recall a file called SSHHEDIT that was used to edit almost everything. I also remember a file called Unpacker that allowed you to modify stadium graphics. Any help anyone can provide I would appreciate it.

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Do you think the 86Box will play High heat 2003 & 2004?


If so i updated High Heat 2004 last year and 2003 is in the works, as well as a roster update for the 2024 season for HH 2004.


As far as those editors go, i never really modded or played HH 2001 extensively, i was still playing Hardball 6 at the time.

But when HH 2002 came out i couldn't put that game down and played it for 6 years straight.


I hope you find what you are looking for,

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Posted (edited)

Thank you Dirtdog for the reply. Playball335 kindly hooked me up which I very much appreciate. Playball335 has done a tremendous amount for the High Heat community and I appreciate everything provided to the community. I hope to give back in my own way as well. To answer your question I doubt that specific emulator would work. It currently supports chipsets up to the late 90s with the last graphic gpu it emulates being a Voodoo 3 3500. It is possible that you might be able to get HH 2003 to run on it but I am uncertain as to what HH 2003 supports since 3dfx was bankrupt by this time as I recall. There are however many other emulators available that emulate Windows XP etc that I am sure you could get both HH 2003 and HH 2004 to run on. My issue was that all other emulators available including the one provided by Microsoft and Oracle would always have issues with the on the field graphics in HH 2001. I prefer HH2001 because it has a deeper farm system (down to single A) and generally just plays a better game of baseball for what I am looking for. It wasn't graphically perfect for the time but it was very addictive.

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