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Should JoePa retire?  

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I voted no. Mainly because I think he should retire when he feels he's ready. He's had some bad teams the last couple years, partly cause of bad luck and partly cause its appeared that he didn't care as much. I think he has the passion back, and definatelly can still recruit(stupid ****** stole King away from us, I hope Breaston breaks his ankles when they meet in AA this year). I personally think he's gonna have a couple good years in a row then retire. I don't think he wants to go out like this. I wouldn't want him to go out like this either. I doubt Penn State will be good enough to win a title while he's still there, but even having a good 9-3 season and a win in the Citrus Bowl would be good enough I think. Just to show he can still do it. And as long as one of those 3 losses is against Michigan, I'll root for him to do it.

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I expect King and Williams to play a lot this year personally. If they can get Morelli in at QB and move Robinson to WR, I think they can get to a 9-3 record this year. They've returned almost everyone from a defense that didn't allow more than 21 points all of last year. Some offensive firepower from Williams(and maybe King if he plays some WR) is all they need. I'm not sure about their running game though. Both King and Williams appeared college ready from what I've seen of them in HS. And theres a lot of precedent in college football for freshman WRs making a big impact(Reggie Williams, Jarrett, Charles Rogers, Mike Williams).

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