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here we go fellas!

may the force be with us :)

as we create rosters, uniforms, logo's, stadiums, pics, and more

and hopefully

just hopefully, a few classic 'faces' will also be in the mix from some of the talented people we have here at MVP mods

'Thank You' Trues & staff/moderators

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Great to see other people in love with big league history. I love this stuff. I moded a bunch of old stadiums, along with paulw and some other people, for high heat. Good times.

I'd just like to see some quality stadiums and uniforms. All 16 original major league teams should have a couple of dead ball era unis and what not. Some already do, like the giants, red sox, and yankees, but more could be there.

i wish i could help, but i'm in school and don't have the time, and i no longer have the tools to mod stadiums, nor do i know how to begin unpacking all the files and what not that needs to be done.

so i'm relying on you. best of luck.

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I said this long ago on one of the old High Heat sites - I can watch McGwire (now Bonds) and Sosa on TV. It's the fantasy that really makes it fun. Oh to be Mickey Mantle facing Bob Feller in old Yankee stadium.

We're starting to make some of this stuff come alive. Thanks to everyone out there!!

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Very glad to see this forum come alive. As you can see by my name, I am a long time A's fan, and would love to see this forum develop.

I have not done any modding in the past, but am very interested and willing to learn.

If there's anything I can do to help in any way, I will do so.

One of the things I have always wanted to do, was to recreate the 1961 season. What a fun year that must have been for baseball. A skinny Roger Maris challenging Ruth (and if not undergoing hip surgery) and Mickey Mantle as well for the single-season homerun title.

Good to finally see this forum come alive.


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You can take a look at the Early '60s Classic Roster Set that was produced for MVP 2004 (can be found in the MVPMods 2004 rosters download section) which contained 6 '61 Teams of which of course the Yankees were one of those. These are probably going to be published for 2005 in the near future under a different and better cover in the next few weeks.

After that the entire '61 Season is probably only a short distance behind.

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