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Just curious how everyone plays MVP, or just baseball games in general for that matter.

Sorry if this topic has been posted before, but I was just curious who goes for realism, who plays an all-out slug fest aracade style play, or who creates thier own players and stadiums.

It seems like the majority of people seem to draft or "assemble" their favorite players on one team. That's not my cup of tea, but to each their own. Whatever works for you.

But for me, I like to go for realism. Keeping up with the schedule everyday, making sure the rosters are accurate. Dealing with daily lineups and matchups based on how the players are performing. Struggling through injuries, trying to win with a rag-tag lineup when your "horses" are down.

With that being said, I try to play a game a day. On course with the real schedule. Difficult to do at times, but never the less a very relaxing hour and a half of my day.

All in all, I'm kind of new to the forum, and I'm curious as of how most people approach the game.


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I often try to play realistically. I only have MVP2004, so thats what I play. At times I have to try to not hit homeruns because I feel I get too many. I don't really just get all my 'favorite' players. I do a lot of trading though, mainly cause I don't like having more than 2 or 3 veterans. I fill my teams with prospects. It also makes it harder as their stats aren't that great. My current dynasty is mostly current Devil Rays with a few added players(namely George Sisler). I win quite a bit, though not every game(last I checked I was 0.5 games out of first place). Its a lot of fun. I also like to try new things with dynasties. This one I'm using a 4 man rotation. Once I did one with like 3 relief pitchers, basically forcing everyone to go 8-9 innings a game. I also did one where I played my home games in the Polo Grounds(lots of triples, few homers). I want to do a dynasty where I only have old time players, but my team will be so awesome that it may not be as fun.

I don't really have any set time to do my games. When I have some free time, I'll play a few games. With it being 2004, the schedule isn't this years anyway, so I can't follow the season. That'd be a neat thing to do, though I know I'd end up missing games cause I was busy and throw it out of whack.

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i like to play as close to realistic as possible in the new owner mode. i chose to use the nationals as they are in need of a new park and are proving to be a challenge to win w/ on all star level. i use the actual (most current ) roster to date, no fantasy draft. i can't say that i play each day as if i were mirroring the real MLB season though, somedays i'll play 3 games then i may not play at all for 3 days due to my schedule etc. i also enjoy playing most of the minor league games as well, which is why i am working on updating all minor league uniforms. the only drawback to the minor league games is that right now we are pretty much playing w/ a large amount of fictional minor leaguers, soon (hopefully) we will have a full roster set that includes all the real players from A-MLB, then it will be sim (or as close as possible) heaven. :D

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I'm one of the wierd ones, I like to watch the games (CPU -vs- CPU) but do the GM part of the game.

I had my laptop at my friends house the other day and had my dynasty going in CPU vs CPU for a few games. Was a lot of fun to watch. The only downside was the team didn't make the substitutions I wanted, and they didn't run near enough(I even changed the teams steal tendency in MVPEdit, still wasn't running enough). Was still a lot of fun to do.

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yea, base stealing is low. I'm still changing the sliders on that portion of it. I can't dedicate enough time to sit down and play the games and actually rather prefer to watch it anyhow. For some reason I see alot of subsitions in the games I have watched.

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I'm from the UK so waiting on my MVP2005 to make its way over here, and until then I'm playing the MVP2004 demo over and over. Great fun.

I imagine I'll play my dynasty as a 'grab-the-best' style to start, at least until I get a grasp of who the best players are (did the same with Madden, had never heard of Priest Holmes til I got that), and then I'll see where I am with it. Can't wait til it gets here though.

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i try to play realistically....I play as the Yankees...and if they make a roster move, unless i really like the player, then I make the move too. I usually find that if they trade a player away...such as Jose Contreras last year...that I lose interest in the player. Only moves I dont mimic are those last second trading deadline moves...because with about a month to go in the season, I usually dont have a "feel" for that player yet.

Also, if i find my players to be performing nothing like their real life counterparts...whether under or overachieving...i usually get pretty pissed and start tweaking the gameplay :)


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User Batting Contact 10/CPU -10

User Batting Power 10/CPU -10

CPU Swing Freq -40

User Runner Aggression 10/CPU 10

User Runner Steal Speed 5/CPU 5

CPU Steal Rate 15

Everything else is 0

I doubt the User settings even matter cuz I start the game and then before the first pitch I switch controls to nobody and just observe and record.

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here is what I have. I got the sliders from another cpu -vs- cpu user on the site and edited a few of them to reduce the scoring fests. Last 3 games: 6-4, 6-3, 5-0.


All-Star mode


Pitcher Ball Rate -27

Pitch Control -6

Batting Contact -40

Batting Power -11

Bunting Ability -3

Foul Ball Freq 8

Swing Freq -38

Outfield Speed 2

Infielder Speed 2

Throw Speed -3

Catch Errors 24

Catch Effort 6

Baserunning Speed 1

Runner Steal Delay -2

Steal Rate 10

Runner Injury Freq -44

Pitcher Injury Freq -28

Batter Injury Freq -28

Fielder Injury Freq -36

All others 0

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