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Total Classics no Call-ups?


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I was involved in a post earlier that was describing how to prevent mlb/aaa/aa call-ups so that the teams do not loose their identity during

dynasty play.

I never got an answer to my final question.

Can anyone tell me how to prevent call-ups??

I would love to start some dynasties using the Total Classics Rosters

but after a few weeks the teams are totally messed up due to movement

of players within cpu controlled teams.


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uhhhhh ok!!!!!!!!!!

Something about reducing star ratings using mvpedit????


Is there a way to do this?

Without dynasty mode I doubt whether I will use Total

Classics at all.

I know, it's my problem, but am I alone here??

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When youchoose to start a dynasty several thing at the very beginning are either on or off-for instance draft would be off if you want to keep the teams as they are-turn off injuries and all trades-cpu and trades you initiate-if you trade anybody then the teamswill get messed up

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I still don't see how this would prevent call-ups.

As a matter of fact I think I have all of those turned off in

2k4 and every oldtime roster is a mess after a month of

play due to cpu call-up's and send-downs.

Have you messed with the "star rating" idea that was

mentioned in a different thread??

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If I do not unlock legends can I still use them???

What do I get when I do unlock them (stats/graphics/etc.)??

How do I not unlock player legends and still play in legend


A bit confused/skeptical here.

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