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San Diego Padres Dynasty


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I am doing this for my buddy, aiclsgdskse (from Dynasty Central) and also Freak93(from Dynasty Central) who both got banned for the admin, by trying to keep this alive. So now I'm keeping it alive because I owe them from when they made me a layout for a site.


Keys To Victory

1. The Padres MUST win at Petco Park in order to make a difference in their respected division this year. They did very well on

the road, but couldn't barely win at home last year.

2. Adam Eaton and Jake Peavy must emerge as two of the best

young pitchers in the league this year. They need to pitch well and

make good decisions on the mound.

3. The Infield has to be consistant at all times. This infield could be one of baseballs best if Sean Burroughs and Mark Loretta can be consistant. Lets

not forget someone named Khalil Greene, despite breaking his finger last

year, the Padres are looking for him to make a triumphent comeback, and play to his full potential.


Starting Lineup

1. CF - Dave Roberts

2. 2B - Mark Loretta

3. RF - Brian Giles

4. 1B - Phil Nevin

5. LF - Ryan Klesko

6. 3B - Sean Burroughs

7. C - Ramon Hernandez

8. SS - Khalil Greene

9. P - Pitcher

Starting Rotation

1. Jake Peavy

2. Brian Lawrence

3. Adam Eaton

4. Woody Williams

5. Darrel May


Sliders and Play Level

Setting: All-Star

Strike Zone: On

Hot/Cold Zones: Off

Pitch Cursor: Off

Hitter's Eye: Off

Variable Options: On

| ----- Reality, Version 1.0 ----- |

User Pitch Meter Difficulty: 10

Pitch Speed: 0

CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: 22

User Pitcher Fatigue: 0

CPU Pitcher Fatigue: 2

User Pitch Control: -20

CPU Pitch Control: -10

Bullpen Fatigue Rate: 0

Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 0

User Batting Contact: -15

CPU Batting Contact: 6

User Batting Power: 2

CPU Batting Power: 5

User Bunting Ability: 12

CPU Bunting Ability: 12

User Foul Ball Frequency: 38

CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 38

CPU Swing Frequency: -5

User OF Speed: -5

CPU Outfielder Speed: -5

User INF Speed: -3

CPU INF Speed: -3

User Throw Speed: -1

CPU Throw Speed: -3

User Throw Accuracy: -8

CPU Throw Accuracy: -8

User Catch Errors: 10

CPU Catch Errors: 10

User Dive Difficulty: 8

CPU Catch Effort: 8

User Baserunning Speed: 0

CPU Baserunning Speed: 0

User Running Aggression: 3

CPU Running Aggression: 3

User Runner Steal Speed: 6

CPU Runner Steal Speed: 2

User Runner Steal Delay: -12

CPU Runner Steal Delay: -3

CPU Steal Rate: 5

Injury Frequency: 0

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I have the Pads as one of my Dynastys also. Through 21 games, they're 15-6 and Nevin and Hernandez both have 6 homeruns.

Also, my Sliders are comparable to your's.

BTW, do you rotate Klesko and Nady in left field and Young & Roberts in CF?

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