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  1. and some people added out in the bleachers...just looks pretty plain with grey rows out there.
  2. 120 downloads

    this installs the 1948 PCL Padre uniform that the club wore on May 6, 2006 vs the Chicago Cubs. This uniform replaces the old throwback brown uniform so you may want to back up the file before installing this incase you want to go back to the classic brown. All the files are already compressed but would be best installing with Kraw's installer thingy. The models.big folder inclues the u017h.fsh and f017h.fsh the Uniform.big folder you have to import using EAgraph. It contains the picture for the uniform selection screen. Props goes to KC for his templates i used to create this uniform. Also give props to the_spungo for his catcher gear he released that i included in these uniforms. Also want to say thanks to the_spungo for the wristbands that he supplied to the original uniform file that was overwritten but i kept. This is my first ever uniform mod so dont' expect any greatness from this as its not up to the calibur of KC, Moser, UMACHINES etc.
  3. 192 downloads

    this installs cyberface for San Diego Padres rookie 2b Josh Barfield face number is 688 and replaces the existing one in the game. If you use this face, make sure you go into MVPEdit and switch the 04 face from "yes" to "no" as the previous barfield is 04. For a great looking barfield make these changes in MVPedit. Skin Tone - 8 Bone Profile - Slim Beg Chest Body TYpe - Average Bat Color - Black Glove Color - Black Wristband - Normal Left Elbow/Shin - none Batting Stance - Frank Thomas Swing Type - 2 one hand all the files are already compressed so you can import these using EAgraph or kraws installer thingy.
  4. 298 downloads

    Adds Cyberface for San Diego Padres SP Chris Young. For a great Young set the following options in MVPEdit Skin Tone 3 Bone Profile - Slim Big Chest Body TYpe - Average All files are compressed so you can straight up install using EAGraph or Kraws Installer thingy.
  5. 512 downloads

    Adds cyberfaces for the Padres ORGanization. MLB Josh Bard Josh Barfield Rob Bowen Doug Brocail Clay Hensley AAA Jon Adkins Manny Alexander Luke Allen Jason Anderson Steve Andrade Matt Blank Cesar Carrillo Scott Cassidy Jack Cust Jon Knott George Kottarras Pete Laforest Justin Leone Dave Matranga Paul Mcanutly Cla Meredith Brian Sweeney Mike Thompson Jared Wells AA Erick Burke Luke Carlin Luis Cruz Dustin Delucchi Brett Dowdy Chase Headley John Hudgins Michael Johnson Kennard Jones Ryan Meaux Evan Meek Mario Ramos Vince Sinisi Stephen Smitherman Sean THompson A Matt "The Worst #1 Draft Choice ever" Bush Josh Geer Dirk Hayhurst Josh Howard Sean Kazmar Cesar Ramos Jeremy Cleveland These cyberfaces Replace the following players and you need to go into mvpedit and give them generic default faces. You can of course edit these however and assign them any numbers you choose. All files are compressed already. Costanzo Marson Hinckley Jaramillo Mcewing Haigwood Mantei Osuna Valderamma Ellsbury Soto Mullholland Remlinger Womack Nomo Alfonseca Batista Tony Vina Relaford Grieve Golson Al Reyes Petegine Eric Duncan Hidalgo darrel may appier sparks deivi cruz pokey reese brandon moss stinnett Baldwin Miguel Perez Jared Sandberg juan padilla felix escalona tim moss tuiasosopo
  6. 94 downloads

    Cybers for Padres OF Ben Johnson
  7. 146 downloads

    Face for pirates LHP, thread was bumped asking to release so here it is, sorry guys about not doing it originally. Open up bigGUI make sure the cyberface numbers i used for him are not already in use. If they are then change all the file numbers to vacant numbers. Back up original files. Import with either bigGUI or EAGraph. sorry guys no install file. Props to Jogar for his great tutorial posted a long time ago.
  8. 239 downloads

    Cyberfaces For san diego Padres Prospects Ben Johnson, Travis Chick and Clay Hensley. http://myfilestash.com/userfiles/myk13/Face%20Set.jpg
  9. 216 downloads

    Cyberface for San Diego Padres pitcher Rudy Seanez.. Big Thanks to Jogar for his wonderful and easy to follow tutorial as without him this cyberface would not even be possible. Try running the installer, after that open up BIGgui and make sure the files are compressed. Always back up your models.big file. I assigned this face to 704, you can change it if you want but remember to change the numbers in the .bat file.
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