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  1. hey dude I m always online but I cant see any plyers in world challange lobiess where r they??. this is my ontact adress rise2323@hotmail.com msg me there then we can play online. I already joined tournaments and leagues but players never happen online just played 2 game in a week
  2. yeeaI bought key. its ay me 100 player online but I cant see anyone in lobby where r they ?
  3. hi dudes I just god Key today its work good. but how can I challange with other players. thats show me there is onlnie 92 player right now. but cant I see them profiles? is that challanged ranked like lottery???? anyone can help me? annd see over 100 online but cant see them on lobbie why?? where r they lol
  4. I have idea who can foormat his PC??? lets try did format your pc and do not install anything only graphic cards. and direct x and lets try to play game what ll be happen
  5. same there . I didnt install anything I just opened game today and crashed crashed . what happened last night ??
  6. same problem with me anyone can help me how can I fix it
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