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  1. This thread is about getting Gordo's rosters to work. And just as Gordo said above, if all you do is install his roster to your game and do nothing else, the game will crash because of cyberfaces. So, it does have something... actually a lot to do with cyberfaces.
  2. Ok thanks. I'm off to a good start. I made all the faces generic on the Cardinals (including the manager) and I can start a game with the Cardinals playing the Cardinals without the game crashing. Cardinals vs. other teams crashes the game on game load. So I need to get to work on the other teams.
  3. Question. And I have done a lot of looking around on the forums. It seems that there is no single download to get all of the cyberfaces in one package. I have a fresh install of MVP 2005. I have downloaded Gordo's end of 2019 roster. If I'd like to not mess with all of the faces, I can open the roster in MVPedit and change all faces to 901-915 and that might keep the game from crashing? And then if I wanted to I could perhaps start finding faces and adding them in?
  4. Thanks for tips, but if it is indeed the guy I think it is that screwed things up, he was out 33 days for fractured hand and put on DL. I used Ty Wiggins Disabled List editor to get him off the DL but when I read my Season with SavReader it still shows him with the fractured hand. And he actually got moved to Rookies somehow. I thought I was on to something with the DL editor but I guess not. And I don't see anything in MVPedit where you can change the Injury to none and days to zero. Where's that at?
  5. This sounds like what happened to mine. I've played about 15 games on Season Mode and now it just freezes when trying to Simulate up to the day's games. I think in the last game there was an injury on the opposing team. Can it be repaired midseason or am I going to have to restart Season mode and turn off Injuries and Suspensions? I'm with you that I'd rather have injuries on as it's part of the game, but I'd also like a functioning game.
  6. I'm getting this now too. Can't seem to get past it
  7. I would like to manually edit the PS2 rosters myself. I've done a lot of searching and can't seem to find how you go about doing this. The people that have put PS2 rosters out in the past, did they do all the updates through the game? Obviously it would be much easier to do so on PC some how. I do have a Maxdrive for transferring back and forth.
  8. Yeah and more specifically it seems to be 6th inning on as long as you are ahead by 3 or less. If you're up by 4 they will pitch to the guy. This is in MVP '05 on PS2. I have just got the game for PC so haven't had a chance to investigate yet.
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