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  1. I own a legitimate physical CD game. Happy to prove it if you would like me to do so. I am just now revisiting the game after a 2 year hiatus, and i did forget that I had posted back then, and found a "fix" Also, I should have clarified that both laptops were/are mine. Windows 7 was a laptop i used primarily for work. The windows 8 laptop is a gaming laptop I purchased new in 2016. And I should have searched before posting (again), as I would have found my own fix. My apologies.
  2. Thanks for your hard work on this!
  3. I have one of the Total Classics installed and working great! (on Windows 8) If I copy and paste the game install directory (no other changes), the game will not run from the "pasted" directory. Sometimes it crashes to the desktop, sometimes it complains it can't find DirectX 9 (I have DirectX 11 installed). I can still run it from the original install directory. Also, if I mearly change the name of the install directory, the game won't run. Anyone know why this is? Maybe there is something in the registry?
  4. I backed up the install directory ("mvp 2005 - base") from a Windows 7 laptop where the game worked fine. I then copied that directory to a Windows 8 laptop, and installed the 1995 total conversion mod. The game worked fine after the mod install. I then changed the name of the install directory on the Windows 8 laptop (from "mvp 2005 - base" to "mvp 2005 -1995"), and the game would not launch. I made NO other changes. Interestingly, I repeated the process, but this time instead of changing the name of the directory, I copied it (so it is now "mvp 2005 - base - copy"), and it WORKS. Does anyone know why this happens?
  5. You are allowed to do it, but you lose the DH. (i.e. the pitcher goes into the batting order) The rule is here: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/about_mlb/rules_regulations.jsp "The Designated Hitter may be used defensively, continuing to bat in the same position in the batting order, but the pitcher must then bat in the place of the substituted defensive player, unless more than one substitution is made, and the manager then must designate their spots in the batting order."
  6. I installed the Total Classic 1994 mod, and updated the Indians roster to reflect their 1995 team. 1. I used MVPedit and/or hacked the appropriate .dat files (e.g. pstats.dat) to update the stats for Mesa and Tavarez. I know this has no impact on game play, but I prefer not to see Tavarez with 1.2 ip and a 21.60 era when I look at the bullpen. 2. Then I used the game roster editor to add players like Winfield, Poole, Assenmacher, and promote others like Ogea and Perry. 3. In that same editor, I fixed the pitching rotations and lineups. (Had to do this for the AAA team also as I promoted Ogea and Perry off of that team.) 4. I used the game player editor to tweek some ratings so players like Tavarez would perform to their 1995 ability. 5. I saved the roster to 95Indians.sav. BUT I forgot to update the stats for Poole and Ogea. Is there any way to do this in the .sav file? Or would I have to do this all over again just to get their stats displayed correctly? (Does anyone else think it's strange that you can edit the players' ratings in the game, but not their stats?) Thanks!
  7. Is there a way to do this? I just played a game with the Indians in TC 1994. In the top of the 9th, I pinch ran for (1B) Paul Sorrento. After the 3rd out, I tried to move Eddie Murray from DH to 1B, and put the incoming relief pitcher in Sorrento's spot in the lineup, since I wouldn't get back around to that spot anyway. But "defensive realignment" doesn't let me move the DH to a position in the field. And the "double switch" menu option was grayed out. Thanks for any assistance!
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