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  1. Hey I was like you just spent all day reading through all these threads about this problem and no solution. Well, I finally got it to work by running both MVP and ScheduleUpdater as administrator. IDK why I didn't think of that sooner I kept running only ScheduleUpdater as admin and first time I load up MVP as admin then ScheduleUpdater as admin, boom it worked.
  2. Hey! I'm new to the mvpmods scene and I have some questions. I have the game installed with the MVP 13 total conversion mod and BaseUp 14 rosters. I have the BaseUp tweaks/datafile thing downloaded too but I'm not using it yet; if I read the description correctly, it removes the pitch and throw meters from view and I need to some time actually seeing them and getting used to them before I can play "blind" imo. I'm using an Xbox 360 controller which works for the most part (more on that later). General Dynasty Mode Questions: There are players that are as young as 10 years old I've seen, and players that are currently veterans show up in their early 20s. I'm guessing this is because the game thinks it's 2005 and the players on the updated rosters were all born in the 80s and 90s. Is there a way to make the dynasty mode start in 2014, or better yet, with this year's schedule, or even better yet, at the current point in the current season? Okay I found the ScheduleUpdater via the >1994 Mod here and the >2014 Schedule here. Can I set up my dynasty to auto manage the minor league teams so I don't have to mess around with them when there's an injury? I'm really only interested in micromanaging my MLB lineups. Seems thus far that if I hit "auto-adjust" for the minor league injuries it doesn't mess with my MLB setup. Xbox 360 Controller Questions: When I press X (button 3) it brings up a menu both as a pitcher and hitter. I want that button to throw pitch 3 and bunt (bunt seems to work if I hold it down but it doesn't work pitching it always brings up the menu). It works fine for running/throwing to third base. There is no option for this menu under controller configuration so I'm not quite sure how I change it to something else. How do I throw pickoff moves? Getting eaten up with stolen bases, guys just take huge leads and I haven't figured this out. >This thread answered all my controller questions. General gameplay question: How do I adjust my defense? I'm hearing commentary about how my team "wants to be at double play depth" when there's a runner on first and I vaguely remember from having this game on Xbox years ago that you had to set that sort of thing pre-pitch. Still unsure if this is a thing or I'm remembering from a different game, do I get to set the depth of my infielders/outfielders and get them to hug the lines etc? It's been pretty cool so far. I played O's vs Rays on pro difficulty and won 11-8, but only because I left a pitcher in far too long in the 9th and he gave up 6 runs. Then I did O's vs Cards on all-star difficulty and lost 5-2. I hit 2 HRs, one with Cruz and one with Schoop. I tried simulating a season to see what the stats would look like but the game froze just before the All-Star break. I read that this is caused by teams not having enough players to fill lineup/pitching rotation slots after injuries occur with the custom rosters, and can be fixed by filling up teams and the FA pool before starting the season. Funnily enough, I simmed some more and Machado got suspended for 6 games for his "part in an altercation." I can tell this is gonna be good!
  3. Hey, new here. Do I need to continually find generated rookies/draft players and remove their HR%/Star Power ratings in a dynasty mode if I use your rosters for the most realism? I messed around with the Orioles for two games, it was great. Nelson Cruz hit a HR, then I simulated some to see what would happen and Machado got suspended 6 games for "his part in an altercation." Noticed two things about the O's roster: Gausman (AAA, sometimes MLB) should be a SP instead of RP, and Schoop (MLB) has a face that make him look like a pasty lumberjack, should be darker and clean-shaven. Totally having a blast, thanks!
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