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  1. habs0


    hi i d like to know if mvpedit will update with lahman2016 or can someone tell me how to import team from lahman2016 to mvpedit? mvpedit works well lahman53 but it seems that lahman54 or later dont work well with mvpedit.
  2. I know that fangraph has information about type of pitching and rating but none of them from minor league. i want to know if you know any site i can check. Or do i have to research google?
  3. habs0

    Kgbaseball's Roster Thread

    hey can you post updated roster 7.31 here? some reason i dont know why i can't access to ea mods to download it since three days cuz when i tried to access and it says: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage thanks
  4. habs0

    Kgbaseball's Roster Thread

    just want to know when latest updated roster or just wait for mvp 09 to release?... last one is 7.1