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  1. use ResChanger. will give you the option to add it in the game. Hope it helps
  2. I never said the problem was on your end. I said I couldn't download it. Asked if someone could send it to me. Wow, oh wow
  3. yes, also want to say thanks for keeping 2005 alive. Nice work, much appreciated!
  4. trying to download total installer thingy to add patch 1, it always tells me download was interrupted and won't finish with IE, chrome says file is corrupted. Does anyone else host this file anywhere?
  5. I was having same problem. Doesn't make sense but I used resolution changer to add the native resolution of my monitor and set it to that in the game. The crash went away.
  6. I have a fresh copy of mvp 2005 installed and it plays fine. I wanted to update rosters to the opening day 2015 rosters. I installed the rosters and the game crashes right before it starts the game I want to play. So.. I uninstalled the rosters and the game works fine again. After that I thought well maybe I need to install 2014 mod first, so I installed it and the game crashes again. I uninstalled it and game works fine again. Any ideas?
  7. Can't get this file to download correctly with IE or Chrome.
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