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  1. Hey guys, long time no post; nice to see a little reward for all the hard work everyone's put in over the years.
  2. Lucas


    two recent ones.
  3. Lucas


    got photoshop back up and running!
  4. Lucas


    When posting images you'd like in a sig make sure they are much larger than that, i use 1024x768 as a minimum resolution before i'll start working on something like that. I have my own Dan Haren renders i've collected, so your sig will be finished in about an hour. edit - nevermind, photoshop's not working anymore.
  5. Lucas


    i like it alot! sharpen it maybe, but pretty good. sportsgfx.net if you have anymore to share, ;)
  6. Lucas


    effects are hot, cut is crappy, text is crap and not enough depth. but excellent for such a long layoff - you'll get it back in a jiff.
  7. Lucas


    yeah, wrigley you've been dormant. time to start pumping them out again
  8. Hola a todos

  9. Lucas


    i fixed the spelling error and made these...
  10. Lucas


    hahaha i noticed that just after i posted it
  11. Lucas


    so thats my latest - thoughts?
  12. Update Again. Pitches I Use to Get Guys Out. 4 Seam 75-80 MPH Sinker with 4 seam grip and rolling the wrist over, 70-75 Circle Change mid 60's Curveball mid-high 60's - more of a slider, but with huge break. + Pitches To Show When I Can Control Them. Forkball/Splitter - Control is hit and miss - drops a foot - low 70's Knuckleball - Control is hit and miss - does what a knuk does - mid 60's I'll see if i can find a video of some of my pitching. Playing Varsity HS ball in Ontario and AA league ball.
  13. Lucas


    nothing great. too much crap ontop of the render, you know?
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFQiIMUMqw8
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