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  1. Still not as bad as the Red Sox.
  2. Only have one Random Thought right now. The Boston Red Sox are a bunch of over paid, under performing, self entitled divas who thought the rest of the league was just going to bow down before there greatness. Once this "team" realized they were going to have to fight for what they thought they deserved, they folded like the little bitches they really are. It looks like, to me anyway, that they won't make the playoffs and I'm actually glad. They haven't done anything to earn it.
  3. Not a big hockey fan, but this looks fantastic! :good:
  4. I purchased his uniforms last year and let me just say they are well worth it. I was actually very surprised at how many updates there were. In my opinion, it was $5 well spent. :good:
  5. Was wondering why you haven't been around. Hope you're feeling better soon.
  6. A few thoughts from Bill Reynolds of the Providence Journal. •Ten of the 12 Yankee pitchers weigh more than 200 pounds, and eight are 225 or more. •And David Wells is not even on the team anymore. •Sports in New England is better when the Bruins are in the playoffs. •Line of the Week comes from Brown basketball coach Jesse Agel, an ardent Yankee fan, on the Scott Cordischi talk show on Saturday mornings on WPRO: “The 27th title is the toughest to get.” •Line of the Week II comes from Joel Sherman in the New York Post on the Yankees’ new stadium: “This place is more a casino than a cathedral, since the ethos is the same: How do we separate the suckers from their cash?” •If you saw Mark “The Bird” Fidrych pitch, you will never forget it, one of the true originals, now dead too soon at 54. •This from The Yankee Years: In the 2007 season, Joe Torre and many of the Yankee players had grown tired of Johnny Damon’s act. •What’s the old line? A recession is when your neighbor’s out of work. A depression is when you are. •It should be real simple with the Red Sox and Dice-K: No more World Baseball Classic. •There’s no truth to the rumor that the Yankees would be better off with Ava Gardner in center field than Brett Gardner. •Or that the real trade they should make is Brian Cashman for Theo Epstein. •Twitter? •What exactly was Josh Beckett thinking? •You know these are not your grandfather’s Yankees anymore when each locker in the new stadium comes equipped with a laptop. •Or as someone on WEEI said yesterday morning, something to the effect that the other players get a laptop but A-Rod gets a lap dance. •The Rays no longer fear either the Sox or the Yankees, and that in itself makes the A.L. East different terrain. •If you can watch Dice-K pitch, you can watch anything.
  7. From Bill Reynolds @ ProJo.com The fallout from A-Rod’s mea culpa press conference continues. Yesterday’s New York Daily News had the report that for years now A-Rod has had a relationship with a trainer who has been banned in Major League clubhouses, complete with that same trainer traveling with him during the 2007 season, staying in the same hotel room on the road with A-Rod’s cousin. So if A-Rod and the Yankees believe this is going away anytime soon they are deluding themselves. A-Rod is no longer a baseball player. He is a celebrity in a celebrity culture that both glorifies them and makes them pay for that glorification, too. It’s a dance with the devil, and now it’s the devil’s turn at bat. ---You have to be beyond naïve, Bunky, to believe that performance drugs are not a raging river through the NFL. ---There’s no truth to the rumor that blaming your cousin is forever known in sports as the Ty Law defense. ---Bud Selig said A-Rod shamed the game? Sorry, Bud. The Steroid Era happened on your watch, and you did nothing about it. ---Line of the Week comes from Joel Sherman of the New York Post on A-Rod: ``No one thinks about himself more and knows himself less, than Alex Rodriguez.’’ ---Line of the Week II comes from agent Scott Boras on Manny not in spring training with any team yet: ``When you’re that good a cake, it takes little frosting.’’ ---Which only begs the questions, does Manny know that spring training has started yet? ---Shaq has turned into a cartoon. ---Tom Brady finally speaks, and it’s like the seas part. ---But I’d rather hear A-Rod’s cousin speak. ---Even if ``it’s my cousin’s fault’’ has become the adult version of my dog ate my homework. ---If the Yankees can withstand this A-Rod onslaught and go on to have a great season, they’re a lot mentally tougher than I’m giving them credit for. ---You’ve got to love actor Mickey Roarke who, according to the New York Post, was asked he if was dating Courtney Love and said, ``I’d rather be on a desert island with a gorilla.’’ --Football players skate on the steroids issue, and baseball players get demonized. Is that about it? ---The Oscars are to celebrity what spring training is to baseball, an annual glorification. ---You know it’s bizarro world where Jose Canseco has turned out to be one of the oracles of truth. ---Zen Question of the Week: can a new movie about two guys sneaking into a cheerleading camp not do well? ---A-Rod’s ``young and dumb’’ defense doesn’t wash, not for someone as egocentric as he is. ---When’s Madonna show up to stand by her man? ---No sport sells itself better than baseball, turning weeks and weeks of spring training into an event, even if so much of it is really much ado about nothing.
  8. It's not my comment, Bill Reynolds wrote it in his weekly "For what it's Worth" column in the Providence Journal, and I'm sure it was meant as a joke. (Maybe). I don't live in RI any more, but I was born and raised there. I still have family there, so I still keep up with the local news.
  9. Bill Reynolds projo.com (Before the A-rod steroid story broke) • Michael Phelps is just the latest superstar to get caught doing something stupid. Rest assured, he won’t be the last. But the real problem? The real problem is us. We’re the ones who continue to make role models out of athletes, the ones who keep worshiping false gods. Which doesn’t mean we can’t learn from athletes — things like work ethic, having goals, overcoming obstacles. Athletes have many lessons to teach us. But they are what they do, nothing more. That should be enough. It’s we who always try to make it more. • Here it is less than a week later, and I can’t remember one Super Bowl commercial. • You know everything’s for sale, Bunky, when instead of playing H-O-R-S-E at the NBA All-Star Game three players will do a shooting game that will be called G-E-I-C-O. Honest. • Springsteen had more energy in his halftime show than many NBA players have in a week. • There are a lot of good ballplayers still unsigned on this eve of spring training, as the economic mess starts to impact baseball, too. • Did we really think A-Rod and Madonna were going to live happily ever after in a little cottage with a white picket fence? • Ben Roethlisberger can look like a linebacker playing quarterback, and never look real pretty doing it, but he made the big plays Sunday when he had to. • Would you give Pedro a contract? • In February of 1958, Ted Williams, then 38, signed a one-year deal worth $135,000, which made him the highest-paid player in the game. The year before, he hit .388 with 38 home runs. Now guys who couldn’t carry Williams’ bats want multiyear deals worth millions. • Did you see where the Diamondbacks signed 41-year-old Tom Gordon? What’s the matter, Dizzy Dean wasn’t available? • A story in The New York Daily News last week said that Manny, who has made more than $160 million in his career, has never given a dime to either his high school baseball program or the youth league in Brooklyn he also came of age in. • Is Arsenio Hall in the Witness Protection Program, or what? • Yes, the Yankees have reloaded, but I still have my doubts. • The problem with Rhode Island is we think a stimulus package is having a cousin who works for the state. • And getting a deal down the beach on some chowder and six clam cakes.
  10. From Bill Reynolds at ProJo.com •The long ordeal is finally over. No, not this country’s economic crisis, which every day gets worse. Not this state’s economic crisis, which every day gets worse. Jason Varitek is coming back to the Red Sox. Who said these are bad times? But are we supposed to feel happy that another fat-cat athlete, who already has more money than anyone should spend in two lifetimes, gets another $5 million for this year, with options for next year? All this in a new reality where the news is full of people who can’t pay their mortgage and unemployment claims in this state are through the roof. Maybe we’re simply supposed to see this as all fantasy-island stuff, having nothing to do with real life. Jason Varitek is coming back to the Red Sox? Good for him. And good for the Red Sox, too, I suppose. But pardon me if I don’t feel anything about that one way or the other, other than it should have been done in secret, sparing us all of the dirty details. •If I hear one more time that some athlete needs a new contract because he has to take care of his family, I’m going to strangle somebody. •Line of the of the Week comes from Joe Torre on David Wells, in his new book that’s due out next week, via NBC.comLos Angeles: “The difference between Kevin Brown and David Wells is that they both make your life miserable, but David Wells meant to.” •Line of the Week II comes from Wells on Torre, when asked by Michael Kay on ESPN radio what he’ll do when he sees Torre: “I’ll probably just knock him out.” •The Wrestler isn’t pretty, but Mickey Rourke is flat-out great, and if you hang in long enough, it achieves a certain grace, which most movies never do. •Torre 1, Yankee brass 0, if you’re scoring at home. •You know it’s a weird country when A-Rod makes more than $20 million a year and the president of the United Sates makes $400,000. •And you know we’re all living in Bizarro World when you can bet on the color of the Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach in the Super Bowl. •Concussions are the one thing the NFL doesn’t want to talk about. •There’s no truth to the rumor that Citigroup’s proposed $50-million jet was the most overrated jet since Brett Favre. •Bruce Springsteen at the Super Bowl? Say it ain’t so. •Has Tom Brady legally changed his address to the celebrity page? •Microsoft is going to have layoffs? Keep your head down, Bunky. No one’s safe. •You know we are living in Bizarro World when Brown University — as reported by Brown alumnus Chris Berman — has two more players in the Pro Bowl — Sean Morey and Zak DeOssie — than USC, Penn State, and Florida. •And that 40 goofballs marched Thursday in New York as part of the so-called “Million Manny March” in an attempt to get the Mets to sign Manny.
  11. From Bill Reynolds at ProJo.com •Rocco Baldelli’s note to the Tampa fans was a classy and thoughtful thing to do, but I’m not surprised. •Line of the Week is from Barack Obama, as reported in Sports Illustrated, and refers to the time he came back to speak at the Hawaii high school where he had been on the basketball team and hadn’t played as much as he wanted to. “Coach Mac, is that you?” he said. “I gotta tell you something. I really wasn’t as good as I thought I was.” •Much of the Internet is like junior high all over again. •Cain and Abel had nothing on Mark McGwire and his brother Jay, who is shopping a book proposal saying he introduced his famous brother to steroids and performance-enhancing drugs. •Let’s see: A new Jets coach, and still the question about what’s going to happen with Brett Favre. Or the more things change, the more they stay the same. •When did Tom Brady turn into the Garbo of sports, offering little and moving through his life like he’s a movie star? •Obama did more things before noon in his first day in office than I’ve done in a month. •Zen Question of the Week: If you have a Super Bowl and the Arizona Cardinals are in it, do you really have a Super Bowl? •There’s no truth to the rumor that Obama already has changed his mind. •One question in tonight’s ridiculous freak show of a Jose Canseco-Danny Bonaduce pay-per-view fight: Who are we supposed to root for? •Did you see where Alonzo Mourning retired this week? •Then again, Shaq retired a few years ago and just forgot to tell anyone, right? •The best movies of the year all are out, and the top one in America is Mall Cop? Good Luck, Obama.
  12. Bill Reynolds "For What it's Worth" from projo.com •Can we put the canonization of Eli Manning on hold for a while? •This has not been a great offseason for the Red Sox, no matter how they try to spin it. •Tony Dungy’s retirement is the NFL’s loss. •Line of the Week is a classic from former Bulls coach Scott Skiles on Eddy Curry, whom he was coaching at the time, as reported on a blog called Tremendous Upside Potential: When asked what Curry had to do to improve his rebounding, Skiles answered, “Jump.” •If Gran Torino is indeed Clint Eastwood’s farewell to acting, it’s a beauty, Dirty Harry at the end of the trail. •You know it’s still a great country when the White Sox just gave Bartolo Colon $1 million for the upcoming season. What do you have to do to be considered washed up? •Barack Obama’s inauguration Tuesday is a great American moment, whether you like his politics or not. •You’ve got to love Bud Selig, who now says he wants earlier starting times for the World Series. •Memo to Bud: You’re 20 years too late. •How are we supposed to have any faith that this state (RI) is ever going to be able to turn itself around when three to four inches of snow is treated like it’s our version of Katrina? •You don’t want to be Roger Clemens in 2009. •Slumdog Millionaire is very clever, and worth it. •Speaking of Eddy Curry, now accused of exposing himself to his driver in the Knicks’ latest sex scandal, is just the latest NBA player who was given too much too soon. •If that Cardinals team that came to Foxboro and died like a dog in the snow gets to the Super Bowl, there should be an investigation. •I hope the end of the world is announced as often as the move to digital TV has been. •The Celtics and Cavs get all the love, but as of yesterday morning the Orlando Magic had a better record than both of them. •New York used to be a great basketball town. Now it’s all about baseball and football.
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