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  1. Hey guys, it's been forever since I've even tried playing 2K12 and there's one thing I want to know before going down the modding rabbit hole - were you guys ever able to crack any sort of datafile governing simmed stats? I remember putting down 2K12 after 2K did nothing to fix garbage like this: Have modders had any luck with that, or is the only way to get anything remotely reasonable by not simming?
  2. I'm not sure how that's a conspiracy theory. Those are the facts that have been reported by numerous gaming news outlets. 2K had no plans of making 2K13 and MLB didn't realize until very late that there would be no MLB title on XBox, so MLB threw them a last minute deal to give it a spit and polish for 2013 as no one else would be capable of putting out any product for 2013 on such short notice.
  3. I'd still like to see McCoy Stadium, home of the Pawtucket Red Sox. I tried to do it once and realized I was way over my head with oedit, and someone else started it but it seems to be abandoned by now. AAA Stadium 3 is already heavily influenced by McCoy, so I wouldn't think there would be that much work, mostly just raising the infield wall, changing the scoreboard in right, and changing the outfield wall to being green and/or covered in ads. The left field scoreboard is already almost exactly the same, as is the entrance tower on the third base side and then grassy knoll behind the left field wall.
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