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  1. i tried to fix Kumala's datafile with sliders and I got close but I went back to MD's datafile and my slider set which should be linked on my sig.
  2. 8-16 - Watching my 2 year old trying to play classics like pac-man, dig dug, and excitebike is just awesome. - My best man from my wedding moved back to town Thursday. He is also a graphics animator - Short one today as my child is a little hyper. I'm guessing thats what Pac-man does to you.
  3. - Slow week in the Sandbox Games world. Got some recording done which is a good thing. - I can't get enough of the Phoenix Coyotes saga. - I have never gotten a good answer to this question it's hockey related but it bugs me. Why would the city of Winnipeg build a beautiful new arena with the back thought of getting an NHL team back, and only have the capacity max out at 15,000, when you need at least 18,000? - My boy is developing an arm which makes daddy proud. Last night we had a friend over for dinner, and mommy flung a pea at daddy (perhaps daddy made a smart **** comment) of co
  4. - Sunday or Monday whatever, I was drinking from Friday to Sunday as it was my wife's birthday. - I'll give the Jays credit. They didn't get the offer they wanted and they stuck to their guns. - We made some progress with the graphics engine! still a long way from showing that off but I was excited to see the recent updates! - Wife and son are out of town till Thursday. Man the house is quiet. good for recording! - My wife got the country add on disc for Rock Band 2. At least she didn't make me sing Shania Twain. - I really have to give Sony credit. The Show 09 for the PS2 is a
  5. - Heading out of town for the day - My only question for the day is... Do you really let a GM who will not be back after this season make a trade that will affect your team for the next decade? (Riccardi and Halladay) - Booze really helps keeping your energy up for recording thousands of names ;)
  6. - The best man at my wedding, and my son's godfather was in town this weekend. "The Smoke For Moke" was a good drunk! And if you have never used a smoker to cook ribs you are truly missing out! - Had the most interesting "interview" with a graphical artist that was applying for Sandbox Games this week. I won't say names but the applicant as soon as he found out it was shared ownership and not a salaried job immediately shut off his AIM and didn't turn it on for 24 hours without a word! Classy dude, glad my original instincts were right. - you will notice there is no preview this week fro
  7. I had XM and if you listen to the radio enough then it is worth it. Personally I loved the 24 sports stations specific to the sport. However I just dont get to listen to the radio enough anymore.
  8. - I still miss Y4L's PbP in the shout box. But I am glad to have him back at mvpmods! I wasn't sure where else I was going to get tea from! - We have forums on three websites now and a blog on Sim Central! Good to get more people looking at the www.sandbox-games.com. - I had to laugh when I did a google search for "Sandbox Games" we made it on page 10! - Boy we had a passionate discussion on copy protection last night. I have to admit I learned a lot on the subject. - We had a new programmer join the team this week. Rujasu has impressed everyone so far, and it helps that he is a b
  9. the donation tab is in the upper left corner of the main page.
  10. I would say that the death of MVPmods might be a little overblown, but people need to chip in. Even if you can't donate, click on the banner ads, the website gets a couple cents for each click, and it adds up.
  11. That seems to be a reasonable solution. Now I hope that the modders that asked their files to be removed to step up and upload them again.
  12. another option could be a 50Mb a day limit (or whatever makes sense) for non contributors. Along with that have them have to click some ads to get through to the download. I can remember some sites a while back doing that where you had to "vote" (aka click the link) 3 times before you could d/l
  13. I just did a little research myself on the costs of having a server with bandwidth etc. and it looks like 150 bucks a month is a good deal! Check out places like godaddy and the like if you want to see what their hosting costs are. I was shocked at how expensive it is.
  14. Sorry to hear that you had to take this step, but in current economic times it is understandable. Hopefully down the road when things get better we can get the best of both worlds.
  15. - Since no one else has said it I will. Y4L will be tremendously missed by the community as an admin. Thanks for the years of service! I for one loved your style! - Everyone is now sick with this stupid cold. Though I felt well enough to belt out a few songs on Rock Band. Apparently my wife has become a Toby Keith fan out of nowhere. - Slow week here with myself sick, AR out of town, Roy working on a side project, and Loki setting up OGRE. Lets hope everything picks back up this week. - I apparently have to start giving tact lessons to some of the staff! - My son looks like he wi
  16. Ya the rule came in 2 years ago. the area behind the net between the lines the goaltender may handle the puck. however if the goaltender plays a puck in the corners (beyond the line) they are assessed a minor penalty for delay of game. There is no way to implement that in NHL 2004 to the best of my knowledge, but to be honest I don't recall a goalie getting called for it this year, and I can only remember one time the season before.
  17. Mantracker is excellent been watching it for a couple years.
  18. Question for you. Were you able to fix powerplays so that the players actually set up in the zone as opposed to the more up and down play that was common in NHL 2004? For me NHL 09 for the 360 was the closest to real hockey I have played. especially on the PP where the guys setup and worked the puck around. I think my last experience with NHL 2004 was PNHL 2007
  19. quick addition - thank god for nap time! - Sunday evening in Calgary which means baseball tonight for Hoop. Meaning Snow, sleet, hail, gale force winds, or frogs. something new every week.
  20. - Congrats to the Penguins for winning the Stanley Cup. That was one of the best finals in recent memory, if you watched the series and weren't enthralled you don't like sports. - I fully expect to hear the Sidney Crosby apology for the hand shake fiasco this week. I don't think he meant to offend but as captain you have to led your team through that. It won't happen again. (unlike some certain NBA star) - Wrigleyville woke up and has started hammering off some beautiful graphics that i can't wait to show off. - Get your entries in to the make the logo contest, I think the beta tester
  21. - I now truly believe that we can make a game and the odds of this getting finished imo have gone from 0.001% to 20% A lot of things still have to go right, but for the most part we have been very fortunate. - How good are the graphics guys doing the logos? I can't wait till they get to uniforms. - Patsen is a freaking physics genius! Every time I talk to him about the game I'm blown away and confused by all the math talk at the same time! - The Baker Bowl had tin in the RF wall? hmm learn something new everyday! - The Detroit Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Final has been as good as adve
  22. - Would somebody let the St. Louis Blues know that body contact is permitted in hockey. - I really wonder how much it would take to make a "sandbox" style baseball game? - Why does my 2 year old believe that 5am is wake up time?
  23. all depends on who you ask. sliders are very personal, to how you feel the game should be played. try mine if you like the link is in my sig.
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