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  1. you can do that too. I just wanted to let you know it was possible if you wanted to do it. the mod i have going has all uniform slots filled at the mlb level and then some. as long as you keep the models.big below 680mb it doesn't crash.

    TIT just knows how to install all of the files if you name them correctly. It's how kraw programmed it. you have to name the files to their slots.  here's a screen shot of what i have for the Mariners.


  2. On 8/25/2018 at 6:20 PM, BallFour said:

    In a case of "sacrifices need to be made", due to the sheer size of the uniform selections, I'm going to have to narrow things down for uni options in MVP 98. I've had to eliminate the throwback uniform options for MLB teams. Teams with alternate uniforms will still be able to wear those, and those teams that did use throwbacks in 1998 (the Angels, Padres, Brewers, Braves, and Cardinals) will still have theirs.

     what kind of issues are you having with the size of the uniform selections?

  3. It's not that simple. Back when we were really active, there used to be one official thread that updated id's for portraits and cyberfaces. When modders made faces, we would number them based on that list. Thus when I released a big face pack, I could update the entire game for the entire year. The catch was that there was also someone updating a roster to correlate with this. As long as we had the id list and roster that updated with it, then the facepacks would work just fine. The issue you will have copying the models.big from one mod to the next is that it can cause crashing if the roster isn't compatible with the face id's.

  4. I made that Chuck Knoblauch face. I really don't mind if you use my mods, but it's just proper etiquette to give credit to the modder if it's not your original work.  Plus if you had asked me, I would've told you that I already made a clean shaven version.  Use this if you want. I find that the texture is more detailed.


    I also made a texture for Scott Brosius, but I haven't had a chance to find a decent shape to model it to. If you want to try to find a good fit, here it is.


  5. I know, right?  It's insane how smooth a clean xp is. Have you tried installing it on an SSD?  I never imagined XP running so smoothly until I did that.

    I ended up getting a  KVM switch so I can switch between machines really easy.

  6. If his face is the problem, you will want to fix that.  Moving him to AAA will just be a temporary solution but it will cause crashing.  You want a stable models.big file.  You will want to check to see if it's the cyberface file itself that is corrupt or if it's an issue with the face assignment.


    I actually removed Windows Defender completely after this mess

    well you should still back it up since you lost your discs.  it's a relatively small backup, but it's well worth having a backup of the fresh install on a jump drive or external hdd.

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