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  1. How about the ability to see which team a player is assigned to?
  2. Fine then. Not sure if it has been updated or not, but not every team uses the standard Navy/Red/White colors of the MLB logo on their jersey. Most of them have it in the team colors. Take the White Sox as seen here. The MLB logo is in silver/black/white. Hey...you said you wanted it 100% perfect! :toothless:
  3. For one, I would like to see a slightly larger Old English D. Most of the ones just seem too small. Two, and I don't know if it can be done....can you give them the correct style of belt loops? The Tigers don't have a big loop on the sides and back like most other teams. They have like 8 small loops all the way around. Sheffield Casey I like these gloves better than the Franklins: Pudge I honestly wouldn't mind seeing what kind of Alternate Jersey you could come up with either.
  4. Are you planning on doing all the teams? Specifically the Tigers or Devil Rays?
  5. Very Nice. Are you re-doing all teams you've released so far with the open button look?
  6. Arrrgh! I didn't get them until Wednesday night, the spungo! I couldn't test last night, and it was one of my priorities tonight. I have them all installed, just not tested....guess I don't need to worry about it now, huh? Sorry I fell through...I thought I'd have through tonight.
  7. You would be correct. I just tried your roster (looks great!), and MVPSavReader does not work with it. Do we know what is causing this whole thing? I would use the one by Kraw on EAMods, but I have a couple of custom players in .mep that I would like to import to the roster. I can't do that with the .sav files that Kraw has somehow fixed. Is there any way to fix them in the .dat or .mbe files of the roster? Thanks for an excellent roster.
  8. Most of the time, the 4-seam is the one that looks like it rises. As others have pointed out (good post lautrec), it is an optical illusion...one that comes about because the 4-seam doesn't drop as much as any other pitch, therefor looks like it is rising.
  9. Just back out of your dynasty without saving, then reload.
  10. Any chance that the ability to switch a Owner Mode to Dynasty or vice versa gets finished/incorporated? I thought I saw a long time ago that you were working on that. Did it fall through the cracks?
  11. 865 downloads

    When playing here, the Batter's Eye (green backdrop behind pitcher) was all but useless to me, as the pitcher's delivery point was right in front of the white railing of the building in Center. I edited the width and height of the batter's eye so that you have a real backdrop to see against, and it doesn't get lost. I also removed the Going, Going, Going, Gone signs from the lightposts. To install, just copy venuday.big and venunite.big to your data/stadiums folder.
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