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  1. i always screw up the text guess ill fix it any texts in mind
  2. new sig experimented with variouse brushes for my backgound
  3. my backgrounds suck i need to get better at this
  4. excellent u should stick mario in their too. "ITS A MIA MARIO"
  5. anyone have the ultiamte roster logo i want to make a special sig for totte
  6. this is m first ever attempt at a sig. suggestion will be appreciated. for some reason when i tried to add text to it it said error and shut the program down. just fixed them along with this bledsoe one
  7. whats the max size i can make a sig
  8. excellent u should post this at the madden-mods.com site
  9. thats fine thanx in advance
  10. is it possible for an avitar to match my sig
  11. anyone willing to help because i havent got a reply back from the person i have asked. he prolly has not signed on or has had time to do one so could anyone help please?
  12. thanks if you cant do it i asked d1git4l_cha0s to do it in a pm
  13. i know ive been sitting on it for months now
  14. hey is it possible for someone to make a sig. with gary coleman on one side and dontrelle willis on the other with it saying "what you talkin' bout willis" and my user name in the corner
  15. I have an avatar loaded on my profile (it is 120 by 90) but whenever i post i see a guy with a question mark over his face were my avatar should be. what gives?
  16. now im getting the link and not the image what gives??
  17. thanks. sry for posting another question on this topic. i just didnt think anyone would see to look on this one
  18. how do i apply the signature to my profile and thank you it is perfect
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