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  1. MLB2k10 Roster Editor created player ( Ike Davis) crashing the game after several played games,don't understand why,have someone had this issue or know how to solve it.I read here about someone having the same issue with Heyward, I suppose maybe he created that player too.I like to play mlb 2k10 2010 franchise games based on the same lineups and rotations as real life day by day.I started my franchise in march and have created new players copying manually all attributes from 2k official roster updates. I found the cause of the issue,it was caused by portrait or face number/file.Maybe I did something wrong when creating Ike Davis portrait and adding it to the game.
  2. and i'm a mets fan too

  3. hey I'm cuban too

  4. Hi DylanBradbury I like your tools very much they kkep players ratings up to date and makes the gaem very realistic,I WOULD LIKE YOU CREATE YOUR RATINGS PROGRAMS IN A SPREADSHEET FOR MAKING MASS RATINGS EDITS QUICKIER AND EASIER.THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT WORK

  5. 3,656 downloads

    Dynasty Updated Roster Replacement version 08/25/08 --------------------------------------------------- by Lenny Morales (MVPMods alias "cauchy2k") RosterImpExp,mvp2005_dat_exporter_and_importer-v0.24 and disabledlisteditor provided by TyWiggins If you like this rosters, please make a paypal donation to cauchy2k@gmail.com ***ROSTERS AS OF 08/25/08 INCLUDING ALL MLB TRANSACTIONS*** ***For now, this is a beta version*** 1. What is this? 2. Requirements 3. How to install 1. This project will allow you to play your current dynasty (without having to restart it) with almost daily roster updates, so you can play your dynasty with current MLB rosters inclunding DLs,pitching rotations,lineups but keeping your current statistics.This update is intended for users playing their dynasty at the same day than real life MLB,however you can use it with any date, it will work anyway. 2. It has no requirements, it works with the following rosters created dynasty (Lunasonica,KG's).I recommend KG Standard versions. 3. To install this update, run the file "Install" with MVP Baseball running and your dynasty loaded, then type "i" and press Enter when prompted, press again Enter when the message "Press Enter to quit" appears. then press "i" again when prompted and that's all, save your dynasty and happy playing.These are the base files as of 08/25/08,you will need to download then only once, after this update, you will only need to download date updates patches. Please write here any comment or suggestions you have for this project. ***Remember to make a backup of your dynasty .sav file in My DocumentsMVP Baseball 2005
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