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    Modding Questions? Ask Them Here.

    Anyone have base 2x cyberface textures in all the skintones?
  2. Misigoy

    Mvp 2007

    I haven't read through the entire thread, so forgive me if it was mentioned already, but if we can really try to have Cyberfaces for all players starting on each MLB team's 25-man active roster I think that would help a lot. I know some people are into playing minor league games, particularly for their favorite team's farm system, but I think the standard files should focus on the MLB players. When we are closer to the season beginning there should be a thread listing all the cyberfaces that would need to be made for it. I'd be willing to help with others once I finish doing the ones I want to do for the Marlins.
  3. Misigoy

    Kgbaseball's Roster Thread

    Miguel Olivo (Florida Marlins) has the wrong style of Catcher mask. He has worn the classic (non-hockey/goalie) style since coming to the team.