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  1. Alright great to hear. Thanks for the response!
  2. I have a question. Is this game xbox controller compatible? I really hope it is cuz I'm not a huge PC gamer so I dont have a gamepad or anything but I do have the wireless XBOX 360 PC reciever that I hook up to my computer when I play MVP 2005 and NHL 09.
  3. Yeah I'm using winrar to and I save it to my desktop. Then I open it and it immediately comes up with an error message. In the file there are two other winrar icons called disabled list and exporter importer. when I click on one of those it says its broken for some reason.
  4. I went to the link and downloaded the zip but when i went into it it said the archive is either in unkown format or broken. Can someone help me?
  5. I've started playing TC 1988 and I'm using the Twins. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to mod the metrodome to have it look somewhat like it did in 1988. To be honest the only things I would want done is for there to be plexiglass added to left field and the turf to be straight up turf instead of the grassy turf the metrodome has now. That is all I would want to be added to either the modded versions of the dome on this site, or just the original metrodome file. Would anyone be interested in doing this? If anyone could that would be awesome. Thanks!
  6. Thank you very much! That just totally saved me cuz since I'm playing with the Twins I'm gonna have quite a few games to play against the Tigers. It's also the stadium I was most looking forward to playing in.
  7. Hey Y4L, my the Tigers stadium(comeday) and (comenite) in 1988 won't work for me. I keep getting the mvp.exe error code. The ones in 1967 however worked and I tried to just copy those into the stadium folder of the TC 1988. I then went into the game to see if I could play a game at Tiger Stadium(the one you had under (comeday and comenite) and it still gave me the mvp.exe error message. Do you have any idea why this isn't working for me?
  8. This is absolutely amazing what you guys are doing! I have no idea how you can do this stuff. Thanks for all of your hard work. I now know why I bought this game 6 months ago. BTW the 1988 one is awesome. I get to play with Puckett, Herbeck, Viola, Blylevyn and the rest of the boys. I'm now downloading the 1967 so I can play with Olivia and Killebrew. This is just flat out amazing. Once again thanks for all of your hard work!
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