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  1. jerm

    1998 Mlb Mod

    Andy I sent you the Rangers portraits in a PM.
  2. jerm

    Jerm Audio Pack 6


    This pack includes the following players: 1. Clay Zavada 7423 (a,c,d) Pitcher, D'Backs 2. Eric O'Flaherty 7093 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Braves 3. Josh Whitesell 8929 (a,c,d) First Baseman, D'Backs 4. Luis Valbuena 7097 (a,c,d) Second Baseman, Indians 5. Manny Acosta 1508 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Braves 6. Martin Prado 7537 (c,d) Infielder, Braves 7. Matt LaPorta 8224 (a,c,d) Outfielder, Indians 8. Pat Neshek 6727 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Twins 9. Peter Moylan 7571 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Braves 10. Rick Porcello 9715 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Tigers Install using TiT. Let me know of any problems, ect. Enjoy!
  3. amigo si puedes subir el audio de Matt LaPorta

  4. 67 downloads

    I made a Beckham audio for myself and decided to add it here. This includes the a, c, and d files for Gordon Beckham, a young third baseman for the White Sox. Install using TiT. Let me know of any problems. Enjoy!
  5. jerm

    Jerm Audio Pack 5


    This one only has 4 players, it includes the following: 1. Chris Gimenez 6405 (a,c,d) Catcher, Indians (pronounced jee-MEN-ez) 2. Josh Geer 8783 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Padres (pronounced GEAR) 3. Zach Greinke (c,d) Pitcher, Royals-this one is a little sloppier but I think it's fine. it was a tough one to make 4. Joakim Soria (a,c,d) Pitcher, Royals Install using TiT. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, problems, ect. please let me know. Enjoy!
  6. muchas gracias amigo, si pudieras subir el audio de Rick Porcello y Pablo Escobar

  7. jerm

    Jerm Audio Pack 4


    This pack includes the following players: 1. Steven Shell 3131 (c,d) Pitcher, Nats 2. Tommy Hanson 9411 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Braves 3. Matt Wieters 9808 (c,d) Catcher, Orioles 4. Trevor Cahill 6993 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Athletics 5. Colby Rasmus 8650 (c,d) Outfielder, Cardinals 6. Jason Heyward 9412 (c,d) Outfielder, Braves 7. Boof Bonser 2194 (c,d) Pitcher, Twins 8. Nick Blackburn 6787 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Twins 9. Joe Torres 6062 (a,c,d) Pitcher, White Sox * 10. Elvis Andrus 7560 (a,c,d) Infielder, Rangers 11. Ben Zobrist 8038 (c,d) Utility, Rays * Torres was made by request. He is not in KG's latest r
  8. jerm

    Jerm Audio Pack 3


    This pack includes the following players: 1. Chris Britton 6139 (c,d) Pitcher, Padres 2. Clayton Richard 6399 (a,c,d) Pitcher, White Sox 3. Joel Peralta 1907 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Rockies 4. Justin Hampson 2850 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Padres 5. Manny Delcarmen 2776 (c,d) Pitcher, Red Sox 6. Matt Macri 7825 (a,c,d) Infielder, Twins 7. Nate McLouth 2984 (a,c,d) Outfielder, Braves 8. Ryan Braun 6606 (c,d) Pitcher, White Sox 9. Tony Pena, Jr. 7513 (a,c,d) Shortstop, Royals 10. Zach Kroenke 9054 (c,d) Pitcher, Yankees Install using TiT. Please let me know of any problems. Comments and suggestions are welcome
  9. jerm

    Jerm Audio Pack 2


    This audio pack includes the following players: 1. Alex Hinshaw 8887 (c,d) Pitcher, Giants 2. Alex Romero 3097 (a,c,d) Outfielder, D'backs 3. Bob Keppel 2921 (c,d) Pitcher, Twins 4. Brian Buscher 2738 (a,c,d) 3B, Twins 5. Jason Pridie 3071 (a,c,d) OF, Twins 6. Jesse Carlson 2744 (c,d) Pitcher, Blue Jays 7. Jo-Jo Reyes 3086 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Braves 8. Ryan Rowland-Smith 6703 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Mariners 9. Shawn Hill 2311 (a,c,d) Pitcher, Padres 10. Brian Duensing 9255 (c,d) Pitcher, Twins Install using TiT. Please let me know of any problems. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!
  10. jerm

    3 Player Audios


    These are the audio files for the following players: Jayson Nix- A second baseman for the White Sox. Garrett Jones- A first baseman for the Pirates. Carlos Santana- A young catcher in the Indians farm system. Install using TiT. Let me know of any problems and comments are welcome!
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