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  1. I'm not sure if its the mod or not... but I've never had this issue before. Everything runs many times faster than it should.. it's like there's no speed throttle. I've got a fairly high powered gaming PC, running Windows 8 64-bit.. running the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode.
  2. Sounds like a bad idea to me, but thanks. The first sim I did was 94-68... hm not bad.
  3. Wait... I thought you had done some fielding tweaks? That's what I was interested in. I acknowledged the overshoot, but I think part of that was the 'style' I used.. i.e. I probably overestimated movement...
  4. I hope you do consider releasing one last roster. I recently went through the Os pitchers and Fangraphs to determine pitch types, movement, velocities, etc. I think you did a pretty fine job, especially on the small things like movement type. Only a few misses IMO. After my alterations, The Os somehow end up ranked 1st in pitching. Not my intention.. I was shooting for borderline Top 5. Though, my alterations allow to hit the max velocity observed by maxing out the meter. Probably a bit of an overshoot, but if you consider this a "now" roster, the Orioles are tied with the Mariners w/ the lowest ERA after the break... and I think the Orioles win the tie for having more of a hitters park. In my roster, they are 1st in pitching, 1st in fielding, dead last in running and something like 12th in hitting.. an overall rank of 7th. Anyway, an interesting experiment at the very least. Would probably take me 30-45 mins at this point to mow down pitchers for one team... definitely takes time.
  5. Here's a bit of social subjectivity that will probably help in fielding figures... It has its obvious downfalls, but I think it may be helpful if consumed properly: http://tangotiger.net/scout/ A very defined fielding survey that is probably only going to track fans familiar with the teams/players included. Naturally, a bit of common sense is going to be required to formulate a translation table...I think players are only singled out for alteration if the translated figures vary from the roster figures by a certain percentage... Since we've discussed the Os, we can take a look at their page: http://tangotiger.net/scout/index4.php?teamid=110&team=Baltimore%20Orioles We've got a pretty good spread and usage of 0-100. These are actually really good. I feel Joseph is a rated a bit low and Davis's attributes, especially his arm, are quite underrated here... Otherwise, decent as a second set of eyes, league wide. Can the current fielding ratings you have be dumped to a file?
  6. Looks good. Brewers are interesting... did they win the wildcard to get in?
  7. Sorry, I was trying to emphasize the fact that I wasn't some schmoe coming in to give you a hard time. With baseball, I think really.. only batters, catchers' throwing and pitchers' velocities are the only things that can be easily computed based on statistics. If you've got K rates per pitch type, that would certainly help with the quality of said pitches.. but this is probably another area where subjectivity is needed. Subjectivity is certainly needed for fielding at the non-catcher position... I think you could get away with doing a computation for pitchers, because who really cares? If you produced some formulas/equations you are using to pre-fill data, I would love to look at them.
  8. I'm not sure why I'm being taken so negatively? I'm just trying to offer helpful criticism from a fresh viewpoint... from someone with years of relevant experience who gets paid to construct rating systems for professional and amateur leagues (not baseball). I've already understood the need to be objective and to use past data to set a baseline. I know lucid thoughts, even with generalizations can improve matters. However, what I am trying to inject, is how unbiased subjectivity can help fill gaps and find outliers. I may only be familiar with one team, but one is greater than zero. I've mentioned Hundley and I've mentioned that I'm still re-familiarizing myself at the micro-level w/ regards to the offensive ratings in the game. I re-installed MVP05 for the first time in nearly a decade because I was hard-up for a PC baseball game. If you make Coca Cola and someone who has been rating sodas for a decade doesn't have a deep understanding about the chemical characteristics of what makes it bitter, are you going to disregard their opinion because they can't communicate on your level? You've already agreed with me that a few things need tweaked and you are tweaking them.. so obviously I've been of some help. Am I coming off as egotistical or condescending? If not welcome, I will back out and apologize.
  9. As for Hundley, I need to re-familiarize myself with the various offensive ratings used in the game to accurately answer your question. I mean there is the arm strength/accuracy thing... though, seeing as he is in the top 6 overall or so on the team just isn't right... rank problems or no rank problems. I'm a bit skeptical of the PITCH/FX data for average speeds. I think you always have to err toward the high side. I suspect at times, some off speed pitches may get tossed in and mis-categorized. I can tell you I've watched Britton all year. The 90.8 minimum FT that Fangraphs has is unfathomable. I've not once seen him below 94. If you eliminate the bottom 5% and top 5%, you assuredly will end up with a higher average.
  10. Cool... glad I can be of some assistance. Very experienced w/ the Orioles and maybe even more experienced w/ rating systems, data analysis etc. I've assisted and authored some very complex sports-related rating systems in the past and value objectivity and definitely understand the need to rely on statistics to come up with a solid base.... but sometimes, subjectivity can do wonders.
  11. When I referred to players being underrated/overrated, I was really only looking at the Orioles. I realized I was taking a somewhat poor approach... based on the lowly rank for the team and based on the overall standing of the players when sorted amongst themselves... but then I realized some (what I believe) are some truly underrated characteristics... Like I stated earlier, I think Hundley is the only real one that sticks out as overrated.. in quite a few areas. I was quite amazed to see his throw strength and accuracy at 99/90. Jones loses his mind in the field sometimes, but a 20 is very low.. as is probably a 65 for range. Britton's fastball seems low. That is a shutdown pitch as evidence by his breakout season. We already talked about velocities and Joseph's arm. Schoop's fielding is very low.
  12. Stupid question and maybe I missed it.. but what 'should' my sliders be when using a roster like yours? I have done the MVP2013 mod and nothing else.
  13. I get all that. It's been a while since I've been "into" MVP Baseball 2005 from a modding perspective.. so my knowledge is likely out-of-date and non-existent. I was just trying to be helpful with the issues I spotted on the Orioles. I was taken back by the fact they were "ranked" 18th and not at the absolute top of the fielding ranks.. I know the ranks are just ranks, but to essentially be a Top 3 team in the league... it just didn't jive. But coming with a fresh mind and previous experience, I expected that the fastball velocities would be closer to the maximum than to a low average (which is where they seem to be now). As for catcher throwing, I suspect this should be very closely linked to CS%. There are no all-time greats, so I doubt anyone exceeds 90... I'm willing to be more helpful if possible, but I feel like I'm missing some important knowledge.
  14. Please forgive if I'm missing something (maybe bad settings??).. or if I'm a bit of a homer... but I feel that the Orioles are very underrated in these rosters. Fastball velocity seems low on almost every pitcher I've tried -- its possible I could be missing some other setting here? I mean Britton gets up to 97 with his sinking fastball... Hunter has hit 100 a few times. Chen gets to 93... etc etc. Norris 94, Gausman 97. Caleb Joseph's arm strength/accuracy is down in the doldrums and at last check, he leads the entire league in CS%. Schoop is a great fielding player as is evidenced by his defensive stats. Chris Davis was throwing 90 when on the mound for the 1 game he pitched.. I'd think that'd earn him enough arm strength to get the flaming icon. Hundley is the only player I see that I feel is overrated... perhaps Jimenez as well. Countless players are seemingly underrated... those above, as well as Jones.
  15. I thought he gets up into the upper 90s at times..
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