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  1. Asian professional baseball is the CPBL team 4 , NPB team 12, KBO 10 teams ,The remaining 4 teams the national team Chinese Taipei, Japan,Korea and CPBL Old Team (wei chuan dragons)
  2. sorry, I want to ask the coach's face can be replaced?
  3. I checked every faces in mvpedit yesterday,and I really found a missing face. but it still crashed in simulation.So do you know other reasons about this problem?
  4. Thank you for you replied it. So I have to fix models.big or other files? Because it freezed in schedule simulating,not in the ball game.
  5. I made a MOD about Asian baseball teams, but I found that when i play games in owner mode, it will be freezed in specific days,and different teams, the freezed days are distinctive. but when i turned injuries to off,it will be fine. I saw my database of my mod and mvp 2012. these files hist.dat are not the same. my hist.dat's size just 130k but mvp 2012's file is 245kb I think may be it is a reason about this problem. Sorry my English is so poor,and thank you for every one who read it Have a nice day
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