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  1. sorry about that geolink, you could always go out and buy photoshop with your christmas money :biglaff: on another note, you might still be able to do it with your other program. the reason im spreading this out is so people dont fall behind. i am thinking about starting it tomorrow instead of the 26th though.
  2. 102: Templates The main template we will be working with is: KC's Templates (this wouldnt be possible without him) For catchers gear, etc: fizzjob's temps 1 fizzjob's temps 2 *** note: for fizzjob's temps, they need to be stretched to 2x. we will mainly be using kc's templates in the tutorial though and once you can handle those, you should be able to mod the catchers gear temps on your own.
  3. 101: Programs nfshtool fuzzone's uniedit eagraph
  4. Here is an initial outline. It's not too daunting is it? 1. Get Organized 101. What programs you need 102. What templates you need 103. Folder organization 2. Making Your Uniforms Using Photoshop 201. Logos and scripts 202. Tips that save time 203. Saving bmps 3. Extract/Replace/Import Method 301. EA Graph and extracting 302. nfshtool and replacing 303. Uniedit and importing 304. TiT and importing 4. Other info 401. Jersey numbers 402. Final statements
  5. So, a lot of people have been telling me they want to mod uniforms, yet they have no clue on where to start. So, being Christmas and all, I thought I would create a thread that would take you through the step by step process on how I create my uniforms. I am in no way a Photoshop wizard and am no way a computer genius, so this will be a basic tutorial that will tell an easy and quick way to make and import unis in MVP 05. If any other uni modders out there want to chime in with tips (KC or thespungo), or anything that I could do different, feel free. I'm sure there are even quicker ways
  6. yelling at cats (funniest vid i've ever seen): http://youtube.com/watch?v=23Te7QAsH6w 50 caliber bounce back (freakin amazing): http://youtube.com/watch?v=i0bl4O9Hj0w
  7. this video is hilarious: http://youtube.com/watch?v=23Te7QAsH6w (there is some harsh language)
  8. im not sure if anyone mentioned this, but marlon byrd's has proved his hitting stats need to be a little higher. he is sometimes batting cleanup for the rangers (who scored 30 runs in a game) 84 G .310 7 3B 7 HR 56 RBI 4 SB just a suggestion
  9. wow br, u must be pretty good at english. im one of those math people that hate everything to do with reading. i wish i had the ability to like moby dick and ur right about gullivers travels is not hat bad.
  10. sorry for double posting, but the censoring on this site just made my day moby dick lol
  11. yall think you had it tough for summer reading, how bout reading gullivers travels and moby dick (a good 900 pages total) and an art project with a typed explanation due on the first day of school. i have gotten to the point where i have no motivation for reading anymore. i cant even read the forums on this site anymore without thinking of the torture of having to read moby dick.
  12. be patient piston, making unis is an arduous task and even if he only make it on eamods, you could still download it. anyways, spungo, is it possible to put the numbers on the front of the unis in a slot that didnt already have them (like in the rangers unis i posted earlier)
  13. i think the spungo can do it judging by his tigers concept...
  14. hey, do u have the rangers sleeveless unis with the recently added front numbers on them? u can barely see them in this pic:
  15. what happened to the guy that started this thread? hes banned right?
  16. man spungo, just saw the pic of your tigers concept uni and if you make concepts for every team, ill be out of business. Anyways, your jerseys are top notch and i cant wait for the rangers unis.
  17. 156 downloads

    Here are some concept unis to add a little spice to year 2500 in your dynasty. Although these are not extremely futuristic and i didnt change the the teams colors that much, if you need something different, this is the download for you. Install using fuzzones's uniedit for the best results. (it could work with the old intaller thingy, but im not sure and u will have to convert the unibig file) Thanks to: Kccitystar for the templates Thespungo for the accessories EAsports for the game sportslogos.net for the logos unclemo for the support Heres my thread: http://mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t
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