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  1. Can not wait for this mod!!! Looks awesome.
  2. Amazing work on Dodd Stadium. Lived closed by and went to a ton of Navigators games. Please tell me you did the stadium for the New haven ravens!?
  3. Quick question as i am new here and just installed the 2k12 mod to my pc and have updated rosters. Is there one big package of up to date cyberfaces, rather than downloading them individually ?
  4. Looks awesome as usual !
  5. Any news on this mod of being released for this season? Stadiums and all look amazing!
  6. So excited for this mod
  7. What's the time frame for the release?
  8. Wow amazing work , brilliant
  9. I will be the happiest person alive if you do mod Camden Yards! With the 90s ads that is
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