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  1. After months and months of hard work and dedication the MLB on FOX Rosters are about to be released. This set of rosters are the most thorough set of rosters ever done. * Rosters that have every possible thing you would want in a roster set done without stirring away from how SCEA rates there players. * Complete full accuracy of every single player from MLB thrru single A players. * Nothing skipped or not done to release rosters faster. * No more annoying SHOW BATS * Tired of pitchers not having there correct pitch type? No longer a concern over 900 pitchers have been updated wi
  2. Havent been back in awhile, been working a lot on MLB THE SHOW 15 rosters and its so much work with just 2 guys doing it. You have 90 rosters per team. Pitch edits player ratings , player faces that are created , equipment edits etc....I have talked with plenty of guys form OS,shownation etc as the coding on the game might now be bale to be accessed or something, but would be so much easier if a small editor could be made for MLB THE SHOW 15 at least. I am the guy that gets all the heights 7 weights added in for the game been doing that for the last 3 years, but would be great to be bale to ed
  3. Hello Jim, Yes been member way back when lol i wasnt trying discuss the crack and sure have not mention that im sorry, the games installed but gives me a black screen nothing to do with the "crack" im guessing its my PC.

  4. Hello, I use to play 2k baseball on xbox 360 and mvp baseball on the old xbox. I am familiar with roster editors and things like that but first time on PC. I installed 2k12 onto my PC used a crack for me able to start game. When I go into a game even demo the screens black cant see any players, it does show the stats of players etc. Can anyone please tell me whats wrong, is it my PC, graphics card? or something i can fix in the install folders. Thanks in advance.
  5. I would love it if anyone out there thats capable of making a roster editor for me to import players back onto rosters on MLB 15 that they have removed from previous games like players from MLB 14 that are no longer on 15. I had something like htis for MADDEN on the 360 I used. I am not on the PS4 and was curious if there was any possible way to mkae and editor for MLB 15 the show?
  6. Does anyone know if there is a way to unlock a player on the hsow just to see how they made them? like somehting like hed editor or something just to see the information they have locked on there players in the game?
  7. I apoligize it was not my intentions to mean to try and hire some you great mods. It they would do it for free then that is great. Here is somehting from OS that was tlaked baout a few months ago but then just went silent. http://www.operationsports.com/forums/mlb-show-last-gen-rosters/726483-potential-mlb-14-roster-editor.html
  8. Yes the editor is on the PC and you can do things to rosters for both the xbox 360 and the PS3. Maybe in the editor is the same but the files are converted? I know I had to use the madden 12 editor PC, hex editor and modio but was able to do a lot of things with the editor and get the file on the xbox 360 for the connected franchise everything worked with no issues.
  9. Does anyone know of anyone that could make a MLB THE SHOW 13 roster editor kinda like the madden 12 editor? I would be willing to explain what all it would need or would like for it to have and also would pay via paypal or something for anyone that can somehow make an editor. I still play MLB 13 on PS3 and would love to be able to add missing players from previous MLB the show games and from the newest game MLB 14. Would be nice to update player photos etc and be able to edit all the things they have currently locked. In the MADDEN 12 editor I added alot of the rookies photos by player ids i
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