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  1. Full complete details over at http://www.operationsports.com/forums/mlb-show-rosters/906557-mlb-fox-2017-opening-day-rosters.html
  2. If I can help with anything concerning MLB The Show let me know. I know the other calculators out there for this game they are using EXCEL stuff.
  3. True there are a few calculators out but most do not have accurate minor league ratings and the ones that sorta do are missing numbers on there rating chart. I really wish I had a ratings calculator like was made for MVP 2005 Dylan made. I probably could use the pitcher ratings calculator he put out it gives me velocity which I already know how to get that from brooksbaseball.net and the calculator generates control, but doesn't give anything near close to what the show uses for break. I also am concerned how well that ratings calculator would even work with the shows ratings. I don't think it would or is very far off because I am imputing real life pitcher stats into the calculator and it spits out numbers for ratings.
  4. Hey to everyone and baseball fanatics!! I did my own pitch edits finally last year and got the pitch types form brooksbaseball.net. I then decided to just stick with SCEA formula for control and break. That was easy and simple and my goal going forward to keep the time doing them to a minimal. Now that I know how to do most of it and currently working on updating them for 2017 I noticed a few things I didn't catch last year and when a pitch is not done by SCEA and a pitcher actually throws it I am having a hard time trying to figure out either how SCEA determines there control and break so I can continue the same method or I need a way to come up with my own control and break. I am open to any ideas and suggestions please. Please being the simple method is what I am looking for. I am not sure what they do to calculate there break and control but maybe BB9 or K9? You can look at daddyleagues.com and look up a player to see what it looks like if u dont play or own MLB THE SHOW. http://www.daddyleagues.com/dd/17/players Just type in a players name and be sure to choose live series version. Thanks to anyone willing to take the time to help me figure there formula out or come up with one that would work.
  5. Those calculators do not have what I need and most of those are projections, and or only have real MLB players or the ratings are not complete for minor league players.
  6. Hello everyone, I stumbled on Dylans rating calculators and they are very useful great work on his part. I am not sure who I would ask but is there any possible way for any modders here to make a ratings calculator for mlb the show? I can post images or answer any questions about the game and send the data here or to the person who might can come up with something for me.
  7. After months and months of hard work and dedication the MLB on FOX Rosters are about to be released. This set of rosters are the most thorough set of rosters ever done. * Rosters that have every possible thing you would want in a roster set done without stirring away from how SCEA rates there players. * Complete full accuracy of every single player from MLB thrru single A players. * Nothing skipped or not done to release rosters faster. * No more annoying SHOW BATS * Tired of pitchers not having there correct pitch type? No longer a concern over 900 pitchers have been updated with there correct pitches. http://www.operationsports.com/forums/mlb-show-rosters/877895-mlb-fox-2016-opening-day-rosters-pending.html
  8. Havent been back in awhile, been working a lot on MLB THE SHOW 15 rosters and its so much work with just 2 guys doing it. You have 90 rosters per team. Pitch edits player ratings , player faces that are created , equipment edits etc....I have talked with plenty of guys form OS,shownation etc as the coding on the game might now be bale to be accessed or something, but would be so much easier if a small editor could be made for MLB THE SHOW 15 at least. I am the guy that gets all the heights 7 weights added in for the game been doing that for the last 3 years, but would be great to be bale to edit the stuff we cant ourselves and just kills me when they remove players from the game ho were once on it who actually still play. I also would love the ability to use other players faces to use on created rookies would make it look so much better. Then what u guys do here on the mods for MVP and MLB 2K12 is amazing i cant say enough on the incredible work thats been done on those games. To be able to keep the portraits updated would be 100 times better than what were are currently getting. Thanks to anyone listening...I have reached out to everyone and everywhere I know to try and find that 1 guy who might be bale to make a small editor. an editor with HEXHD, modio and those things might be possible.
  9. Hello Jim, Yes been member way back when lol i wasnt trying discuss the crack and sure have not mention that im sorry, the games installed but gives me a black screen nothing to do with the "crack" im guessing its my PC.

  10. Hello, I use to play 2k baseball on xbox 360 and mvp baseball on the old xbox. I am familiar with roster editors and things like that but first time on PC. I installed 2k12 onto my PC used a crack for me able to start game. When I go into a game even demo the screens black cant see any players, it does show the stats of players etc. Can anyone please tell me whats wrong, is it my PC, graphics card? or something i can fix in the install folders. Thanks in advance.
  11. I would love it if anyone out there thats capable of making a roster editor for me to import players back onto rosters on MLB 15 that they have removed from previous games like players from MLB 14 that are no longer on 15. I had something like htis for MADDEN on the 360 I used. I am not on the PS4 and was curious if there was any possible way to mkae and editor for MLB 15 the show?
  12. Does anyone know if there is a way to unlock a player on the hsow just to see how they made them? like somehting like hed editor or something just to see the information they have locked on there players in the game?
  13. I apoligize it was not my intentions to mean to try and hire some you great mods. It they would do it for free then that is great. Here is somehting from OS that was tlaked baout a few months ago but then just went silent. http://www.operationsports.com/forums/mlb-show-last-gen-rosters/726483-potential-mlb-14-roster-editor.html
  14. Yes the editor is on the PC and you can do things to rosters for both the xbox 360 and the PS3. Maybe in the editor is the same but the files are converted? I know I had to use the madden 12 editor PC, hex editor and modio but was able to do a lot of things with the editor and get the file on the xbox 360 for the connected franchise everything worked with no issues.
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