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  1. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    PM Sent. I'd like to get this done. Love the game more than any othe baseball game out there.
  2. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    @jollydodger do you have the ability to upload the roster anywhere? I actually have XBMC on my xbox so I can browse and download it. Thanks again for doing this!
  3. Windows 7 update

    Ok... So after exhaustive research , and learning more about my laptop and nvidia Optimus technology than I care to admit, the problem is exactly that... The Nvidia Optimus Technology. My laptop, the Alienware m14x r1, simply doesn't use the technology well. Even when I set the nvidia settings to launch mvp2005.exe with the nvidia, it never switched from the intel hd3000 to the nvidia, causing the error. The fun part of all of this is that when The Optimus technology is in use, the machine relies on it to run anything you don't whitelist on the nvidia card, AND if Optimus doesn't have a profile for it, it will NEVER switch to the nvidia card to use it. With mvp05 being so old, of course no such profile exists. It it seemed my only option was to disable the HD3000. Nope... Doing so also deactivated the nvidia because the Optimus technology is tied directly to the hd3000! Ok, maybe I can disable the hd3000 in the bios, forcing the nvidia to be the only card recognized, therefore bypassing the Optimus technology. NOPE AGAIN! The bios is locked and will not allow me to disable the hd3000! My only option is to download (and pray) a hacked "unlocked" bios that allows me to turn off the hd3000. Wish me luck tonight!
  4. Anyone play slowpitch softball?

    As the title... anyone play? I've been playing for 14 years now. Mostly USSSA but with a little ASA mixed in. Love the game.
  5. Windows 7 update

    I won't get a chance to try this until I'm home later tonight, possibly tomorrow night, but I think it's more than just disabling the intel HD 3000, I think I have to set my nvidia card as the global card for everything first, because when I disabled the HD 3000 the other night, my entire pc went black and had to do a power button hard reset, so obviously the card isn't set to do everything globally. I will check and report my results.
  6. Windows 7 update

    Ok, so here's a strange update. The 4gb patch did NOT work for me on my laptop at home. However, by following the exact same installation steps on my pc at work, and applying the 4gb patch, the game worked flawlessly! So here's a few of the differences: Laptop: Windows 7 home premium 64 bit Nvidia GeForce GT 555M / Intel HD 3000 Work: Windows 7 enterprise 32 bit Nvidia GeForce 7300 SE 1. Is it possible that the Intel HD 3000 is interfering and causing an error? 2. Is it possible that the 64 bit version of windows 7 is to blame? Thanks everyone. Progress!
  7. Windows 7 update

    I couldn't run custom setting for the game if I wanted since I can't get to the graphics setting of the game b/c it won't start. Hopefully the 4gb patch will at least get the game started. Would I need to make any changes basic nvidia settings on the card via the nvidia control panel before attempting to start the game? I've already used the nvidia control panel to assign the exe to run on the nvidia card as the default gpu. I used the nvidia control panel to assign the exe to run on the nvidia card as the default gpu. I haven't. I will definitly give that a try later. Thanks!
  8. Windows 7 update

    I didn't think so. I don't know, I guess I'm SOL unless I want to install WinXP on my laptop, which I'm not doing.
  9. Windows 7 update

    Yes, I tried compatibility mode and that still didn't work, nor did running as administrator. Actually, running as admin is always my first attempt to fix something and it usually works. In this case it doesn't. I'm actually trying to get a clean install of plain old vanilla MVP05 up and running with zero mods. I didn't want to install mods till I saw the clean install run. Do the mods make the game run?
  10. Windows 7 update

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm a new poster here, but not new to the forum scene. If anyone is into Mortal Kombat, you may know me as 995Phil or simply 9.95 from the testyourmight.com forums. Anyway, all that aside, I have been a huge baseball fan my entire life and like everyone here, I still believe MVP05 is the pinnacle of baseball gaming, and I was thrilled to find this community and see how this game has been kept alive and updated for so long. That said, I am completely disappointed that I cannot get it to run on my windows 7 machine. I did my homework before posting, so let me clarify a few things. 1. Yes, my copy is legitimate. 2. I followed all the directions for installation in the "Recommended Installation Guide" by Kccitystar 3. I followed all the directions in this thread for the 9/8/15 update and modified the registry as directed. Nothing works. The game crashes at start up all the time. It always tells me that MVP2005.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. Once in a while I get a black screen with the monitor changing resolution and then crash. I'm at a complete loss for what to do. My computer: Alienware M14x Processor 2.3GHz Intel Core i7-2820QM Memory 8GB, 1,600MHz DDR3 Hard drive 750GB 7,200rpm Chipset Intel HM67 Graphics Nvidia GeForce GT 555M / Intel HD 3000 Operating system Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) There is no reason this game shouldn't work on my laptop. Can anyone help?