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  1. Mathew


    I've always enjoyed your cubbies work Wrigley. Any chance I could get a Theriot sig?
  2. haha bud looks beat the hell up.
  3. - There is a little bit of hope in me that this maybe happen. (duke) -If I could get MVPSavReader to run correctly it would be the best tool mod of all time. - I told my wife she has a mullet after she cut her hair she has been down stairs ever since. (perhaps I should say these things more often ) - Wish the Halladay nonsense would stop already. It's so back and fourth. - The fact that the cards got Matt Holiday makes me cringe in our division.
  4. is it just me or you didnt get much back for manny?
  5. Anytips on lasting so long? Lately it seems like everything I start, I can't finish. What keeps you with the same team playing everygame? Maybe I just need a goal or a diffrent mind set.
  6. When I do the extraction it has completely diffrent rosters and names than the people actually on the team. like my cubs had what appears to be the 2006 Cards. Anyidea on what I've done wrong?
  7. This has to be one of the best dynasties i've seen. I'm most deff following. How do you produce such great graphics?
  8. Does anyone have any knowledge of a mod for AT&T Field home of the chattanooga lookouts?
  9. Mathew

    Site Issues

    woah, i love the new colors and background great job.
  10. When they announce the defense is when they do the Ariel view.
  11. well there is gray around the sky, the buldings are cut out like cardboard and there is no roads when your looking down on it. Maybe its just my computer. Edit: I downloaded two replacements and now it crashes when I go to play games at the friendly confines. Any working mods out there?
  12. Anyone have a link to the best Wrigley field? The one that comes with MVP 08 is horrid when it goes to the aerial view.
  13. Mathew

    Site Issues

    Well if you need any help i'd be happy to assist. I know my way around PS CS2. I could deff do all the top images.
  14. Anyone have a ETA on the new Yankee Stadium? Also does any one have a link for the new nationals park?
  15. Mathew

    Site Issues

    Looks real sharp. It would be cool if you could make a theme for each team by changing the lime green to your teams color then having a MVP Mods banner image up top with the teams logo or home field. I see though that it may be a lot of work.
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