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  1. Does this book censoring remind anyone else of Fahrenheit 451? It's pretty odd when you think about it...
  2. Happy Diwali everybody...
  3. New York Governor Debate was more of a joke than usual... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4o-TeMHys0
  4. I hadn't even realized the irony in me posting that, until I saw you talking about using for dups. Which I would love to hear also. Anyway, you find some pretty funny/crazy stuff when you're bored. Case in point: And of course the remix:
  5. Hilarious video going around: And the remix:
  6. Mykal94


    How do you guys like my Ben Zobrist Star Wars sig?
  7. Hilarious song by Flight of the Conchords: If You're Into It
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