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  1. Y4L thanks for the info. yeah I mean mlbmods, not mvpmods Yeah I knew some didnt make it after the site was closed. I was able to go to my old harddrive and get a couple of the stuff (boxscore extractor/team changer) I was looking for. Unfortuntately, I'm just going to scrap the whole 2008 mvp and start playing another game (especially since I cannot get mvpedit to work at all). I have a new pc, so Im going to try out 2k series (I had gotten the 2011 2k game, but it didnt run well on my old pc) for a while and see what mods are here. Hopefully some day soon mvp will come back since the licensing agreement is ending soon PS on the schedule updater I was actually going to start in 2008 so I needed the 2008 schedule.
  2. Now another issue. I cannot get mvoedit to work. it says its missing mscomctl. Any ideas?
  3. Hi guys Bene awhile but Im back. I just got a new pc and lost most of my mvp files. Anyways I downloaded mvp 2008. I do have a question. How do I get it to say 2008 instead of the 2005. I remember there was a way, but I dont remember the steps in doing so. Thanks Also, I know kraw shutdown mvpmods recently (?) and some stuff was transferred over, but I was looking for two programs 1. boxscore extractor 2. team changer I dont remember who did those (tywiggins?), but noticed they are not here ... well I didnt see them anyways. Were these some of the files that were "lost/not given permission" to be released Thanks again
  4. if you are interested in being part of the Expos CAP Dyansty, just fill out the registration form

  5. 'Thats what I thought, and I'm an idiot, I just realized my songs are not in mp3 format, which is why the ditty importer never worked (they are windows media player audio).
  6. Quick Question -- you said this would work for MVP 08 (or any conversion mod), but will this work for MVP 2005 itself? I think I tried it once way back, but couldn't get it to work, but these instructions are dynamite (already know how to use loclook)
  7. Oh I would be the Cards. I miss Whiteyball. '80s cards were fun to watch even if they didn't win all the time.
  8. I've been trying to get rid of my 2k9 since I bought. It wouldnt run on my pc (mainly my fault), but it doesnt run on my brothers pc either (his is brand new). I'm back playing my Top 100 Dynasty and playing mlb the show 09 (just a ps3) I might have to check out the 88 mod, I want to play with the Cards and the Wizard again.
  9. Quick question: I just downloaded TC07 Mod. I was going through the rosters, etc. Is there list of all the cyberfaces somewhere on this site, that are in TC07 Mod. Thanks
  10. Wow, I finally got the the BSE to work (great program BTW tywiggins)...long story short the game kept crashing when I tried to go to the desktop (it was Framework 2.0 that screwed it up) Anyways, I login here and had a question why my BoxSCore wasn't showing correctly (no Logos, and the bottom score summary), but someone else had the same problem. SO, I'm gonna try your suggestions.
  11. AgentQ I totally agree w/ you! When I was a 12 to 15 years old (like 10 years ago), I threw a curveball and a sinker and end up wrecking my arm (although I some how managed to walk onto my college team a few years back, I was never the same). Of course, now that I'm in my late 20s, I can throw these pitches. I wish I had a coach that would of told me about this (but some coaches today and in the past are/were about winning first) That's the advice I give to the kids I coach now. (15-16 years old). I don't want them to throw anything other than a fastball and a changeup. As for the pitches I've threw in college and still throw today in the adult league #1 SINKER - 78-80 MPH, 12-6 movement w/ late dart away from Right Handers. Think Derek Lowe. During a scrimmage game against my College teammates during my Sophomore season. Our starting Catcher (while batting) told me it actually "slow" down before darting away from him. He said it was best pitch he has ever seen! #2 CURVEBALL - 73-75 MPH horizontal movement. Solid, but not spectacular. #3 CIRCLE CHANGE - 65 MPH moves away from righthanders! #4 SCREWBALL - 76 MPH moves in on righthanders (I usually use this pitch on leftys) #5 FASTBALL - 84 MPH flat, unspectular pitch. Thats why I'm a junkballer #6 KNUCKLE - 50-55 MPH lots of downward movement, but "wild"
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