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  1. I was in section 32, but after everyone started to leave I moved to the first row behind the Red Sox dugout
  2. I have been to Fenway Park countless times, first time was in 1992, the most recent was last Sunday against Tampa Bay. I've been to four games at Sky Dome/ Rogers Centre, once in 1999 (Wakefield v. Clemens) and for a 3 game series in September of 2007, where the Red Sox were swept. The highlight of this 3 gmae sereies was leaving early after the 3rd game and being taunted by a "Yankees" fan who said in the thickest Caanadian accent of all time "Nice little 3 game sweep, eh?" To which I replied nice 3rd place finnish. He then said I'm actually a Yankees fan, I've got seasons down in the Bronx. The odd part of this was the Yankees where playing in New York that night. As for minor league parks I've been to McCoy and Hadlock when the Sea Dogs were still affiliated with Florida also, have to agree about the wave, I'm about 99.9% sure Fenway is the only place that still does the wave, I think everyone else stopped in the mid 90's. forgot to mention Doubleday field in Cooperstown, NY
  3. I think the problem is in the roster, I went back to 0.24 and I got the message with both that and 0.25. everything saves except the name hope that helps, if you didn't know yet
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    Target Field

    hey, could you post a screenshot?, i'm not seeing it on my computer
  5. smokey12

    Target Field


    Updated 4-22. Replaced almost every ad from version 1 with ones of better quality, updated homeplate ads so the are all different.
  6. 890 downloads

    Version 2 Updated all ads and cleaned up a few added AL standings as of May 28 changed the center field videoboard "HR" to "H" since in all parks it showed hits under that stat added a time to the clock on the center field videoboard
  7. 2,323 downloads

    Version 2 (8/29/09) New ads for 2009 well I wasn't going to release this but a few people asked for it so here is a very rough version of Fenway Park for MLB 2k9 HUGE thanks to Rolie for probably 70 percent of the textures here's what this includes... new home plate ads new wall ads majestic billboard over the monster some numbers on the monster scoreboard
  8. this looks fantastic, way better then my attempt at a dynasty
  9. i may not post in here to often but i'll follow
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