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  1. Refresh rate stuck at 50hz

    So I cannot get the game to reckonize my monitors default refresh rate of 60hz...it limits me to 50hz in the menu? This is the only game that does this...Pretty sure this happens with the vanilla game but I am not 100%sure on that. I have adjusted Vsync to all possibilities with no difference either...the odd thing is my second monitor is which is exactly the same as my first is seen as 60 hz refresh rate? Wonder what gives? Thanks for any help.
  2. ned a game.

    I think I bought it from gamestop but I am not sure because its not under my account on that sight...It was really cheap when I got it like 4.99? Maybe someone remembers the sale?
  3. ned a game.

    looks like super mega baseball for me then...I bought it digitally but erased my email like an idiot. Oh well I have MVP 05 so I am good for now.
  4. ned a game.

    looking to buy a copy of mlb 2k12 for pc...other than ebay, where could i get one?
  5. Patch 2 Survey: FOV adjustments for 16:9 monitors?

    This looks great. Please add this option too the next patch.