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    first of all congrats to all of you for another great mod. year after year you guys dont disappoint. i didnt play with a lot of teams yet, but as a Cubs fan i can say that im i little bit disappointed with the stats of some players. addisson russell is a joke (contact and power on the 30~40 range). Lester's fastball doesnt even reach 90. and he throws a sinker too, which he doenst have on the game. Rondon, who throws a 98 heater, is not even close of that. and a lot of other guys are with velocity issues too (Grimm, Motte, Arrieta, Wada, Hendricks, among others). you guys probably do, but i su
  1. just download mvp baseball 2015. i saw that a lot of people downloaded it too. no one wants to play online?
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