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  1. So any help would be appreciated, and sorry for the confusion, haha.
  2. Ok, thanks. I'll try it. Edit: My bad, what I meant is that the portraits of some players are incorrect. I feel like an idiot right now, lol. Not sure why I typed cyberface, but oh well. The cyberfaces seem to be fine. It's the portraits I'd like to fix.
  3. Hi. First and foremost I'd like to say that all the work everyone has done on this site is phenomenal. With that aside, now onto my question. I've downloaded and am currently using the 2K15 total conversion. At first I was using just that mod, but since then I've began using the roster update that mapmods posted (http://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/9187-complete-mlb2k15-experience-roster-final-ver/) along with the rest of the 2K15 total mod, just substituting the regular roster for that one. I prefer some of the player ratings in this one as opposed to the ratings in the one included with t
  4. Ok, thanks again. Sorry to keep pestering you with questions, but that means that if I were to load a different roster other than the one included with this mod, the colorlist would then not be applied, correct?
  5. Oh, okay, thanks man. I appreciate it. Just out of curiosity, is it working because it was imported regardless of what the error said, or were those color settings implemented into my game through one of the other files in this mod package?
  6. What? How could it already be imported? So you're saying that the colorlist text file is already working? Was I supposed to put the .txt in the game files instead?
  7. Hi guys, I'm having trouble getting the uniforms aspect of this mod to work. In the 2K12 Roster Editor program, after selecting my roster file and importing the colorlist.txt file, Microsoft.NET Framework gives me an error saying it can't access the file path (C:/...AppData/...Saves) because it is being used in another program. As far as I'm aware it isn't being used elsewhere, so how can I get past this issue?
    Thanks, this is great! Also, how did you get the correct player portraits as shown in the screenshots you posted? I assume it's a separate mod or you done it yourself? Thanks in advance, and sorry if that's a newbie question, I'm new around here.
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