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  1. Thanks Gordo do you know of any datafile(.txt's) to download that have the hot and cold zone power modified? Because I don't how to modify it.
  2. Hi all just wondering if there's any modified datafile available for download that helps with hitting more home runs? Because I always seem to get a lot of hits in the All Star level, but rarely ever get homers. I'm currently using Total Classic 98 with the datafile.Big file from 2015. I tried turning up the pitching speed. It didn't seem to help on hitting more homers either. If anybody knows of a datafile that makes it easier to hit more homers. Please let me know about this, thanks.
  3. Hi Jim don't know if i am in the rite area or not.I have been have trouble downloading MVP 2013 mod.I am also having trouble downloading other mods on here as well,every time i click on the download button the webpage keeps loading then after a minute the site just goes dead.Is there anyway you can fix this?I really appreciate the work you do here,thanks.

  4. Hi all having trouble downloading the Simple Portrait Maker for MVP 1.1 1.1,every time i click on the download link it always comes up as an error message.Could anybody please send me an alternative download link or fix the link,would appreciate it thanks.
  5. Well i tried the red ball from Gordo it didn't make any difference on my hitting still about the same.I think its more of a timing issue more than anything or hitting the ball in the right spot.Maybe if i get some eye glasses it might help me with getting more hits in the game.If you guys can think of anything else please let me know,Thanks for all your help guys.
  6. Thanks guys i will try both options.
  7. Because i have trouble seeing the ball,my eye sight is not the greatest.I do play on the all star level,never can get any better than a 280 to 290 batting average.Would like to be able to hit over a 300 batting average.I did adjust the game sliders but doesn't seem to help.
  8. Hi all this might sound like a silly question,i was just wondering if there's any way to change the baseball to a different color like red instead of white?,thanks.
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