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  1. 54248020

    Deleting players out of 2k games

    when you edit players like Alex Rodriguez who is no longer active and put in place another as aaron judge when you go to bat the narrator still mentioning the name of alex Rodriguez but has already changed the name by the aaron judge.
  2. 54248020

    tutorial on roster editor

    I also need to know if there is any update that is included in the game the surname of Judge, Cespedes, Gregorius, for the commentator to say in the game when it comes to his turn to hit, because they are surnames that originally the game does not have
  3. 54248020

    tutorial on roster editor

    How can I work with the ROSTEREDITORII to change the Astros for the american league ?, because when I try to do it, it does not allow me to change or move anything.