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  1. Hey Gordo and thanks for the fast reply! I don't really understand what your solutions are, can you clarify? Also, how else does people use the 2015 rosters if not like this? I mean there has to be more players like me that want the original game feeling but just new rosters? Or is that not possible?
  2. Hello, I'm once again stunned by the modders here and all their knowledge about everything. The slightest problem you have can be solved if you dig deep enough in the forums, and that's amazing. But now I've stumbled upon a problem that I can't find the answer to. I recently got MVP baseball 15 up and running, after hours of work, but I wasn't satisfied with the overlay, pitching meter and mechanics but I really loved the roster. So I tried to download several 2015 rosters with no success... I deleted my old .dat files and replaced them with the new ones. I tried using TiT to extract the files. After that I start the game, the rosters are correct, even though everyone's missing their picture, but after loading the game it crashes halfway. I've upgraded the mvp file to 4 GB, tried every admin/compatibility mode checked and unchecked read only but I can't get it to work. I figured it might have something to do with cyberfaces but I tried to use someone's cyberface for 2015 but that didn't make any difference and no photos were shown anyway. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? I can play the original 2005, the TC 2015 and the TC 1974 mod with no problems at all. My specs are: Win 10 (which shouldn't be the problem since all the other versions work), gtx 1080, Intel i7-6700 4Ghx, 16 ram, 64 bit. If you need more info just ask. Thanks again for the help!
  3. Yeah thanks guys, no need for any tweaks with the datafile since I figured out how to choose camera for both batter and pitcher And I understand the dilemma with split screen... such a shame they didn't think of that. Consider this problem solved.
  4. Oooooooh now I understood that the 6/4 meant pitching view 6 and batting view 4 Well never mind then guys! Thanks for the help!!! But would it be possible to create a split screen setting or mod? Someone up for the challenge?
  5. I'll post some screen shots on the options I have. I don't remember, some shop here in Sweden a few years back. So as you can see on the first picture I have the option of batting and fielding, but not pitching... Any suggestion on how to fix this? Maybe through the datafile? Or if you or someone could send their original datafile?
  6. I'll try to explain better hehe... According to you you can into the main menu and choose the preferred camera options for either pitching or batting, the problem is that I only have that option for batting. The pitching one isn't there... You know how to fix this? I try to edit the textfile but since it's a .big file it's all just a bunch of symbols and impossible to understand...
  7. Hello and thanks for the answer! Do you mean that different program files has different options? I mean I can find the camera settings under batting view but all that does is changing temporarily, which means that I'll need to change back every time I'm pitching or vise versa. Do you mean that other data files has a batting view as well as a pitching view so that you don't have to change them in a game? As for split screen I guess I just have to live with it
  8. Hey guys! Recently got my MVP Baseball 2005 up and running on steam link so I can play it wireless on my tv So pleased with this, been trying to get this to work for months. But I have two big questions, still unanswered; can you play in split screen on local multiplayer aka couch playing? Would love it to be able to sit down with my friends and play side by side, instead of having to close your eyes every time someone's choosing pitch location... And secondly, how do you choose different camera angles for batting/pitching? As it is now I have to constantly pause the game to change camera depending on if I'm batting or pitching. Is there a setting to make these permanent? Much love to this community!
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