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  1. Official Stadium Request Thread

    I would also like this if possible. I am willing to do work on it (or at least try) but when I looked for the tools listed by the tutorial in the downloads section I couldn't find some of them. If someone can link them to me I will do my best on them.
  2. Audios luti57 5

    I have tried 4 times to install this mod using TiT. Everytime I get an error and it corrupts my game files. I don't know why but this mod doesn't work at all, at least not with my system.
    Gordo, Is this a stand alone roster update or do I need the previous ones in this set for it? I downloaded and installed, it is stand alone, and it is great. Only things that people may need to tweek are the movement of pitches for pitchers on their team. Can't expect modders to watch every pitcher to get the movements perfect. Great update, thanks Gordo
  3. Announced player names

    Hey so I downloaded the audio mod that you linked, but when I tried to install it using TiT I got a fifafs.exe error. I did find a thread on here that had talked about this, but the most recent was in 2013, and it was talking about virtual drives, I am using my actual disks (I haven't gotten around to imaging my disks yet). It said that maybe the models.big file was corrupt. How can I fix this? Is the only way to reinstall?
  4. I have a question for any of the modders. I have the 2015 tcm installed, and I noticed an issue with the name that the announcers say when Wilson Contreras comes to bat. I understand the limitations of using existing sound bites to form new names, but him being announced as "Pablo Greenham" seems kinda wierd. I was curious if there is a way to fix this, maybe with MVPedit, or to just shut off them trying to say his name. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. I'm not sure where to put this so I made a new topic. I know that the original schedule changer in twiggy's stuff had one to change the year to 2006 automatically. I finally got the mods etc to work on my computer (a VM with windows xp, and finally got all the mods to work) but I can't tab out to input the needed information into the basic schedule updater, MVP 2005 won't minimize, all I can see is the start bar for a few seconds, then it disappears again, even if I click on something else on the bar, nothing will appear over the game. I was able to use the changer to get to 2006, but now I have a bunch of teens playing on my team. If anyone is able to just update the 2006 one to 2016 or 2017 that would be great. Or if anyone knows how to get MVP 2005 to minimize in XP (yes I tried alt+tab, and win+D, and win+M, and even putting a "Show Desktop" button in the Start menu.
  6. TIT

    Does anyone have any ideas on this. I have windows 10 on my system, so I installed a Virtual Machine with windows XP and installed the game just fine. It runs fine on the virtual machine as well. I installed the mvp15 mod, and the game works, i tried to install the patch and I get this message: Anyone have any ideas? It seems to do this anytime I try to use TiT. I tried it for just a portrait patch to see, and it gave me the same error message. Nevermind, I had to install the Visual C++, didn't realize it wasn't on there
  7. The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    This is exactly the issue. It is apparently an issue with most if not all CD based games on windows 10. You can read more about it, as well as fixes, from here http://windowsreport.com/cd-games-windows-10/ I do have a question, both for the administrators and the community if the admins consent to it. One of the simplest workarounds for the problem in windows 10 is a no-cd crack. However, I know that this allows things like piracy, may cause issues with mods, etc. If possible, could someone in the community, again, with consent of the administrators of this site, make or link a crack that would work with mods for windows 10 users who own this game legally?