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  1. Hola Jim. i tried to install total  classic 10, and gave me a error not found manager.dat, could you help me?error_total_classic.png.0235904c6fb67a6ea6a656c62f2604cf.png

    1. Jim825


      Did you already have a version of the game installed in your C:\total_classics folder?  You need to install Total Classics 10 on top of an existing version of the game.  Total Classics 10 is not a complete installation of the game.  It just replaces some existing files.

    I try to install, but, it gave me, a error, can not find manager.dat when i start to install
  2. I try to install, but gave me a error "manager.dat" not found, when i star to install, after select dynasti mode and select the folder. Can someone help me, please? thanks
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