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    T Mobile park request

    So is it possible to get a T-Mobile park update from Safeco Field with the branding and lights? That would be really cool. Maybe a kingdome mod and a throwback blue uniform like they wore in August. Thanks
  2. pattyb

    T Mobile park request

    @Yankee4Life yes I did but couldnt find anything for 2k12
  3. pattyb

    Seattle Fictional Alt. Uniforms

    They are based off of All stars, I just couldnt get my screenshot thing to work. they take the spot of the classic 70s away unis.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    So my print screen wasnt working but here is a fictional alternate jersey I made. It is based off of the 2001 all star uniforms, with a "Ready, Aim, Fernando" patch i put on as a joke. i just used the 3d file on the game and tweaked it. All credit goes to google for the logos and such.
  5. pattyb


    Can somebody make a turn ahead the clock night uniform set? that would be really cool (maybe a kingdome mod to go with it)